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    Mexican Bakery Buys First Hybrid Truck In Mexico                                              Five Tips To Reduce
      Grupo Bimbo, a Mexican bakery company, took delivery of the first medium duty               Warehouse Energy Costs
    hybrid truck in Mexico, a Kenworth T270.
      The diesel-electric hybrid truck reduces fuel consumption by 30 percent, carbon
    dioxide emissions by 40 percent and carbon monoxide by 90 percent. The hybrid is
                                                                                                  A   ccording to the U.S. Department of
                                                                                                      Energy, the industrial sector has long
                                                                                                  been the country’s largest energy user, cur-
    equipped with a PACCAR PX-6 engine.                                                           rently representing more than one-third of
      The vehicle also features an Eaton diesel-electric hybrid power system that inte-           the country’s total energy consumption.
    grates an electric engine with 60 hp, enough to start moving the unit without using               Dennis Sadlowski, president and CEO
    the diesel engine.                                                                            of Siemens Energy & Automation Inc.,
      Furthermore, it assists the diesel engine when more torque and power is required            the U.S. industrial arm of Germany-based
    by the unit for acceleration. The engine works with a 340-volt battery that recharges         Siemens AG, recommends the following tips
    every time the unit brakes to reduce speed.                                                   for distribution center operators to reduce
      This unit is part of the delivery fleet within the Mexico City metropolitan area which,     their carbon footprint and start saving:
    by the way, has the highest traffic and is the most polluted area in the city.                   1. Do your homework. First and fore-
      This is the first delivery of various hybrid trucks that Kenworth is planning to            most, you will not know how much you can
    release this year. The next step is to manufacture hybrid vehicles in PACCAR                  save, until you know where the money is
    Mexico’s plant in Mexicali.                                                                   being spent. An energy audit will help you
                                                                                                  better understand your energy usage and

    Martin-Brower Joins EPA SmartWay Partnership                                                  determine where your facility can go green
                                                                                                  and save money.
       The Martin-Brower Co. LLC. has joined the SmartWay Transport Partnership, a col-              2. Rethink your lighting. By simply
    laboration between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the freight             replacing your lighting with energy efficient
    industry designed to increase energy efficiency while significantly reducing greenhouse       products and controls, you can reduce ener-
    gases and air pollution.                                                                      gy consumption up to 5
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