Israelis: Here Physically, There Mentally by ProQuest


"Every year, I say, OK, this has been fun, but it's time to go back,' " he acknowledged. "Two years ago, I finally returned to Israel, but I didn't last for more than five months. The economic stress, the security situation it got to me. I've become accustomed to the American lifestyle.""When I do go to synagogue, I go to an Israeli synagogue in Cherry HiD," explained Dror, who did not want his last name used; he's a former Jerusalemite who owns a local construction company. "At American synagogues, you need a reservation. With Israelis, it's warm and casual, and I feel more comfortable.""Israelis don't like being affiliated with any organization," she said. "When they do get involved, it's with other Israelis. What we're trying to do is get the Israeli community to open up."

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