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                                        incorporates the company’s             >> Yap to Your BlackBerry              speech-to-text platform to drive

   SOUND                                embedded automatic speech
                                        recognition. Users can say the
                                        name of the person or the
                                                                               Yap made its software devel-
                                                                               opment kit (SDK) available
                                                                               to speech-enable BlackBerry
                                                                                                                      business applications for Black-
                                                                                                                      Berry and PBX Voicemail.

   BYTES                                number they want to call and
                                        Dillo! makes the call. Dillo!
                                                                               applications. The SDK includes
                                                                               application programming inter-
                                                                                                                      >> A Fair Trade
                                                                                                                      Trade Harbor, a provider of
                                        was developed in collaboration         faces and plug-ins necessary to        voice authentication services,
 >> TTS on the Air?                     with TILAB, Telecom Italia’s           link to and pass audio through         recently partnered with
 IVO Software, producer of the          Center for Innovation. Cur-            Yap’s speech-to-text platform.         Convergys and Voxeo to
 IVONA text-to-speech (TTS)             rently available only in Italian,      Through the Yap SDK, devel-            deliver its Voice Signature
 system, launched a new ver-            Dillo! soon will be extended to        opers can voice-power mobile           Service to customers on the
 sion that has a significantly          other languages.                       applications, such as email,           IVR vendors’ platforms. Voice
 higher, radio-like sound quali-                                               instant/text messaging, search,        Signature Service is now avail-
 ty. IVONA’s TTS voices are             >> Speech in the Spy Game              social networking, voicemail-          able as a Web service with
 now available with 22-kilo-            Loquendo also has been busy            to-text, and enterprise informa-       Voxeo's Prophecy IVR Platform
 hertz sampling frequency, up           integrating its Loquendo               tion access, with barely an            and as part of Convergys’ On-
 from 16 kilohertz. The 22-kilo-        Voice Security Library (LVSL)          hour’s wort
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