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					                                                                                                                Irene E. McDermott

INTERNET EXPRESS                                                                                    Reference Librarian/System Manager
                                                                                                 Crowell Public Library, City of San Marino

Free Tools for
Job Seekers
“Can you help this patron with her resume?” my colleague
asked. “Sure!” I answered jauntily. After all, at work I am
Computer Answer Girl, able to solve the most vexing problems
with a flick of the mouse or a toggle of a power button.

B    ut this one left me scratching my head. Our patron was a
     stylish young Japanese woman looking for work as a de-
signer. She had found a fashionable resume template that, it
                                                                       be computer-savvy at their last job. Indeed, the web revolu-
                                                                       tion may have passed them by altogether! To get these pa-
                                                                       trons started on the road to basic web-searching proficiency,
turns out, was cleverly laid out with tables. It took me about 15      first sit them down to take these tutorials.
minutes to figure out that she had to use the table layout tab in
Microsoft Word 2007 to add an additional cell in which to place        Mouserobics
another entry listing her experience. Then, I had to explain the
whole concept to her.                                                  mouse/page1.html
   The language barrier made it difficult, and I don’t know if the        Chris Rippel of the Central Kansas Library System prepared
patron totally understood my on-the-fly lesson in advanced             this classic tutorial for patrons who really don’t even know how
Word design. Still, she seemed impressed. So, she asked me if I        to use a mouse. Find it here in Spanish, Tagalog, and Hmong,
could proof the grammar on her resume. A glance at her sen-            along with Danish, French, and Italian.
tence structure told me that she was in trouble. So, being the ul-
tra helpful librarian I am, I gave her a few suggestions.              New User Tutorial
   By then, 30 minutes had passed. “Excuse me,” said another 
patron at the next row of computers. “Can you proofread my                 Before new computer users leap into applying for jobs on-
resume, too?”                                                          line, they might benefit from a run-through of this classic tu-
   I started to explain that we librarians really don’t offer that     torial from The Library Network (TLN) Technology Commit-
service. “You helped her!” he rightfully pointed out.                  tee. (TLN is a public library cooperative serving 65 libraries in
   He had me there. Still, I felt caught. Like all public libraries,   southeast Michigan.) Users practice clicking, scrolling, and
ours has seen a surge of new visitors as job seekers come in to        clicking on pull-down menus, all valuable skills when filling
use our public internet access computers to look and apply for         out online applications.
employment. They are at all skill levels when it comes to com-
puter knowledge. We don’t always have time to offer very much          Email for Job Seekers
individual computer training. Are there any applications on                Before our job seekers can start filling out applications, they
the web that can help make their task (and 
Description: A password can be a six- to eight-letter common word easy to remember. For example, if a patron owns a shepherding dog, "collie" might be a good choice. For security's sake, you can substitute zeroes for "O" s and ones for "I" s or "L"s. An "E" can be rendered as "3" because it looks like a mirror image ofthat letter. So, the patron's new password is now "cOl li3."
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