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Watching Karen Stoffer beat up on the guys and memories of watching my dad, Charlie, ride his own drag bikes, I fell in love with motorcycle racing. [...] I was 9 years old, I had to sit on the sidelines, watching my brother, Chance, and sister, Kristin Hayworth, race their Jr.

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									                                                                                                                        On the Run                 with Katie Sullivan

        Pro-Max™ Direct Lube                                                                                    rider of the Sullivan Racing Pro Stock Motorcycle
       Mechanical Roller Lifters
           (with High Pressure Pin Oilers)
     Features “Full Time” (most other oiling type                                                               S    pending every weekend in the garage or at the
                                                                                                                     track may not be every teenage girl’s idea of the
                                                                                                                 perfect life, but in my eyes, I’m living a dream.
     lifters are timed based) high pressure dual
     shot oiling to the roller bearing shafts. This                                                              Growing up, my family and I often traveled to
     continuous oiling offers higher rpm and high                                                                Sonoma for the Fram Autolite NHRA Nationals.
     spring pressure capability. The Pro-Max™                                                                    Watching Karen Stoffer beat up on the guys and
     features lightened, steel alloy bodies with a                                                               memories of watching my dad, Charlie, ride his own
     special enhanced finish. Heat treated stain-                                                                drag bikes, I fell in love with motorcycle racing.
     less steel link bars. Case hardened 8620 rollers fitted with the best alloy                                    Until I was 9 years old, I had to sit on the sidelines,
     bearings and pins. These are the same materials and designs used on                                         watching my brother, Chance, and sister, Kristin
     most Top Fuel lifters. .300” taller body allows lifter to fit early, late     Hayworth, race their Jr. Dragsters. But as soon as I was old enough, it was finally
     model and after market blocks. Fully Rebuildable.                             my turn. Racing a Jr. Dragster was an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade for
                                                                                   the world, but when I was 12, I began to develop a passion for drag bikes. My
                                                                                   biggest obstacle was convincing my dad and mom, Terri, why they should let me
                                                                                   anywhere near a drag bike. From day one, my dad told me there was no way that I
                                                                                   was going to be racing a drag bike. Most people might find it hard to believe,
                                                                                   especially all the dads out there, but my parents have always been supportive of
                                                                                   everything I’ve done, so when they realized I was serious, they brought home a dirt
                                       Max Effort                                  bike and told me I had to ride it everyday, and I did just that.
                                  Mechanical Roller Cams
     For over 50 years Howards Cams has been producing the highest quality
     cams for performance applications. Today, our new progressive comput-           “I think I’ve made it clear that drag
     er designs are dyno and track proven to produce the highest horsepower
     and torque. All Howards Cams are precision ground on the highest grade         racing is my passion in life, and there
     billets on the finest machining centers. Packaged in our unique, high             is no where in the world I would
     impact plastic case, you are assured to receive the finest cam available.
     Sportsman to Top Fuel, our knowledgeable technical support team can                rather be than at a racetrack.”
     help with your cam selection. Just call!
                                                                                       After my first pass on a drag bike, I was completely in love. Within a
               Double Roller                                                       couple of months, my focus and dreams were aimed at riding a Pro Stock
          Steel Billet Timing Sets                                                 Motorcycle and, more specifically, to be the youngest female rider to ever
                                                                                   qualify for a national event. It’s true that being a young girl on a drag bike
     These pro billet competition timing sets are                                  generates a lot of positive attention. Ever since I began my journey towards
     designed for accuracy and long life. Lightweight                              Pro Stock Motorcycle, I have had the most amazing support anyone could ask
     by design, these sets feature a billet steel cam                              for. One person in particular is Glenn Merchant of Bronze Star Racing. We
     sprocket with lightening holes, a heat-treated crank                          met at my first Division 7 race, and he has been there for me ever since.
     sprocket with a black oxide coating. 9-keyways for                            Even with all the support, racing is like anything else in life: There are
     the ultimate in timing adjustment. The premium
                                                                                   always those people who tell you all the things you won’t be able to do and
     chain features large .250” diameter sea
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