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By Cynthia G. Wagner

Visualizing Data
Beauty, speed, accuracy—data visualization opens
our eyes to new scientific understanding.
   They may not be Picasso or Van Gogh, but supercomputers are bring-
ing out the stunning beauty of science via data visualization and simu-
   At the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory in
Illinois, the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility uses the high-
performance IBM Blue Gene/P Intrepid supercomputer to visualize, an-
alyze, and communicate vast quantities of data.
   The world’s largest graphic processing unit, nicknamed Eureka, is at
the heart of the facility, providing more than 111 teraflops of processing
   Among the computations that Eureka has enabled scientists to visual-
ize are cardiac rhythm disorders, the turbulent flow of a coolant inside a                      The beauty of cosmic explosion: This visual-
nuclear reactor, and nuclear combustion in a supernova.                                         ization of an exploding supernova is the
   “Eureka provides a vital link between simulation and analysis by al-                         product of data analysis using the high-speed
lowing scientists to probe and interrogate their data in an interactive                         IBM Blue Gene/P at the Argonne Leadership
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