The EditMule Trio by ProQuest


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									The EditMule Trio
Ben Balser

                                                                    Figure 1. Opening EMas with Auto Scratch


                                                                    a per-project basis; collapsing Sequences to remove
                                                                    unnecessary tracks (a wonderful housekeeping task);
                                                                    and removing a specific filter, or filters, from a
                                                                    specific Sequence (thanks to this one, a question often
                                                                    asked on forums just became more fun to answer).

                                                                     EDITMULE AUTO SCRATCH (EMAS)
                                                                        These three stand-alone apps work with FCP
                                                                     via the wonderful XML interface. Auto Scratch
                                                                     sets Scratch Disks settings in the System
                                                                     Preferences of FCP on a project level, rather than
                                                                     on an application level. To set project-level
                                                                     Preferences, create a new FCP project (or find an
                                                               existing one) and go to it in the Finder, right-click on its

 f       inal Cut Pro now has slightly more than 50% of
         the professional postproduction market and is
         an NLE to be reckoned with. But it’s still not
  100% perfect, as nothing in life ever is. Fortunately,
  more and more third-party software and hardware
                                                               icon, and select Get Info. In that window change the
                                                               Open With field to EditMule Auto Scratch (not Final Cut
                                                               Pro) (Figure 1). This means that when you open the project
                                                               file in the Finder (not from inside FCP
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