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                                                        Red Giant Magic Bullet
                                                        Quick Looks 1.2
                                                        Laura Randall

                                                                                     Figure 1. When you open MBQL, your clip will
                                                                                     show up in the preview menu so it’s easy to see
                                                                                     what affect each look will have on your clip.

c       olor grading has become more and more
        important in wedding videography as
        productions have become increasingly
sophisticated and filmlike. Magic Bullet Looks
has been recognized by some of the top wedding
                                                        Quick Looks 1.2, which sells for $99 and is designed
                                                        to address all of these issues, I was excited to try it
                                                        on my laptop for a same-day edit (SDE).
                                                           Magic Bullet Quick Looks (MBQL) gives you the same
                                                        popular presets as the full-featured Magic Bullet Looks
videographers as the No. 1 color correction tool for    filters. The biggest difference is that you don’t have the
perking up video footage and giving it character.       ability to edit or customize the look other than to control
  It offers a wide range of looks that you see on       the amount of effect (0%–100%) on your clip. But if
popular television shows and films. It’s a one-stop     you’re looking for a variety of preset looks that are easy
shop for tinting, color saturation/desaturation,        to apply for a reasonable price, this is a great program.
curve adjustment, film stock filtering, and even
spot focus to achieve looks that range from bold        MY TEST SYSTEM
to subtle.                                                I tested MBQL on several machines, the fastest of
  In other words, Magic Bullet Looks makes your  
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