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									42      InformationToday
June 2009   www.infotoday.com

                                                                                            content, the site added Shows and Subscriptions tabs to its masthead; the former
                                                                                            lets users browse shows by genre, network, title, and popularity, and the latter pro-
                                                                                            vides one-click access to content from preferred creators. YouTube also introduced
                                                                                            more in-stream ads to support the new content.
                                                                                               Source: YouTube (www.youtube.com)
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                                                                                            Smithsonian Launches Photography Blog
                                                                                               The Smithsonian Photography Initiative launched The Bigger Picture, a blog that
                                                                                            gives visitors an inside look
       Exemplar: What’s in a Word?                                                          at the Smithsonian’s photog-
                                                                                            raphy collections and encour-

                he word “exemplar” means “one that serves as a model or example … an        ages discussion of photogra-
                ideal model …” according to Merriam-Webster Online. And Exemplar,           phy’s impact on the world.
                Springer Science+Business Media’s free linguistic tool, may be just that.   The blog currently features
          Springer Exemplar, which is accessible to anyone connected to the internet,       three categories: Collections
       lets researchers see how a specific term or phrase is being used in peer-reviewed    in Focus, which examines the
       published literature. Springer teamed up with the Centre for Biomedical and          institution’s photo collections;
       Health Linguistics last November to develop this tool that taps directly into        Inside click!, which updates vis-
       Springer’s published content.                                                        itors on the development of the
                                                                                            Photography Initiative’s click!
                                                                                            photography changes every-
                                                                                            thing program; and News in the Visual, a discussion of ideas and issues in visual culture.
                                                                                               Source: Smithsonian Photography Initiative (http://photography.si.edu)

                                                                                            Maponics Unveils Local Search and Mapping API
                                                                                               Maponics, LLC released the Maponics Spatial API (application programming in-
                                                                                            terface), which lets businesses offer web-based local search and mapping without mak-
                                                                                            ing significant geographic information system investments. With the API, businesses
                                                                                            with small or nonexistent data management capabilities can access neighborhood, ZIP
                                                                                            code, and carrier route boundary data without having to host or manage it.
                                                                                               Source: Maponics, LLC (www.maponics.com)

                                                                                            Safari Books Online Goes German
                                                                                               Safari Books Online unveiled Safari Books Online German Basic Tech Library, a
                                                                                            German-language digital library that offers more than 200 titles for corporate teams
                                                                                            with German-speaking developers and IT professionals. Books from German techni-
                                                                                            cal publishers such as Markt+Technik Verlag, Addison-Wesley Verlag, O’Reilly Verlag,
          “The Centre for Biomedical and Health Linguistics noticed the inconsistent        dpunkt Verlag, and Wiley-VHC Verlag are included; several hundred additional titles
       use of language, which was causi
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