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									100 days to close guantanamo                                                                                                  FREE SPEECH
   Witness Against Torture’s 100 Days to Close Guantan-           “Our message today is that the work continues,” said
amo campaign concluded its daily presence in Washing-          Frida Berrigan, another organizer. “We need to push
ton, D.C. with a solemn procession from the Capitol to the     Congress and push the consciousness of the American
White House on April 30. More than two hundred people          people.”
walked the route, most dressed in the iconic clothing of a
Guantanamo prisoner: orange jumpsuits and black hoods.
                                                                  For more information, visit www.100dayscampaign.org.
They rallied with hundreds who joined them at Peace
Park, opposite the White House.
    Since the new President’s inauguration, campaign
                                                                       Quietly                                                    “Why are we being prosecuted for exercising our
                                                                                                                              rights of assembly and free speech demonstrating against
                                                                                                                              crimes committed by government officials who still con-

volunteers in the Guantanamo garb have been a daily,
                                                                                                                              tinue to remain free from investigation and prosecution?”
visible presence at the White House and elsewhere in the
city, reminding Obama of his promise to close the illegal                                                                         That’s the question asked by four people facing
prison camp.                                                                                                                  prosecution this summer for disorderly conduct and
                                                                  Four people standing in silent opposition to the Ver-       unlawful assembly. They were charged on the day the
    Now, 100 days into his Presidency, at least 241 prison-    mont Yankee (VY) nuclear power reactor were removed            new Congress returned to Washington, after entering the
ers remain locked up at the U.S. navy base in Guantana-        from a public forum on the state’s economic recovery plan      Hart Senate office building and reading aloud the names
mo Bay, Cuba.                                                  in Brattleboro on March 31.                                    of the dead from the illegal wars and occupations of Iraq,
    Continuing their demonstration, dozens of the mock             While Gov. James Douglass spoke at the Latchis The-        Afghanistan and Palestine.
captives stood vigil in front of the White House fence         ater, Jonathan Crowell, Amy Frost, Eesha Williams and              Seventeen were arrested, and thirteen have paid a
behind a large banner reading, “Justice Delayed is Justice     Elizabeth Wood, who all live near the reactor, stood up to     fine. Laurie Arbeiter, Robbie Diesu, Michelle Grise, and
Denied.” Their orange overalls were stenciled with the         display a sign reading “Veto Nuclear Jim in Nov. 2010.”        Pete Perry have asked supporters of the right to assemble
names of 55 of the detainees who were cleared for release      The message referred to the governor’s intent to veto a        and petition the government for redress of grievances to
by the Bush administration but not released, plus an ad-       bill passed by the Vermont House days before that would        contact the Office of the Attorney General, District of
ditional five who died at the prison.                          require Entergy Corporation, Vermont Yankee’s owner, to        Columbia to demand that their charges be dropped. Call
    After refusing an order to keep moving through the         fully fund decommissioning if the reactor stops operating      Attorney General Peter Nickles at 202-724-1301 and As-
popular tourist photo zone, police arrested 63 people, as      after 2012.                                                    sistant Attorney General Elizabeth A. Meyers at 202-727-
supporters in Peace Park read out loud what is known of            In a statement, the activists wrote that, “If New Eng-     4783, or email oag@dc.gov.
the story of each detainee represented.                        landers took the money they now pay Entergy Corp. of               The defendants are part of a growing number of activ-
    Participants expressed frustration and determination as    Louisiana for electricity from VY and instead spent it on      ists also calling on U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder at
the day began.                                                 energy efficiency programs, VY could be closed, consum-        (202)514-2001 to demand the appointment of an Indepen-
   “We listened to President Obama’s speech last night         ers’ electricity bills would go down, and there would be a     dent Special Prosecutor to investigate the crimes of the
hoping to hear decisiveness and resolve,” said Tanya           net increase in jobs.”                                         Bush Administration.
Theriault, an organizer with Witness Against Torture.             Police moved quickly to quell the quiet quartet, escort-
“Instead we heard that ‘torture is a mistake.’ It is not a
mistake, it is a crime.”
                                                               ing them in handcuffs to jail where they were charged
                                                               with disorderly conduct and released.                                               Correction
                                                                                                                                  A correction: the date printed on the masthead of the

 New Strategy For Peltier’s Freedom                                                                                           last issue is in error, reading 2008 instead of 2009. The
                                                                                                                              date printed on the mailing front and bottom of each page
                                                                                                                              is correct.
    Thirty-two years ago, on April 18, 1977, Leonard           disciplinary record.
Peltier was wrongly convicted on coerced testimony and
fabricated evidence, and then sentenced to two life terms.
                                                                  This stage of the new campaign can be supported ev-
                                                               ery Friday by joining other supporters who call the White
He’ll be 65 in September, so has now spent one half of         House at (202)456-1111 with these three requests.                 Thanks to Racheli, Steve, Paige, Sarah, Jim, Gretchen,
his life in prison for a crime he did not commit. The day                                                                     Catherine, David, Jerry, John, Cindy, Danilo, Gerri, Lil
the crime occurred for which Peltier was convicted — the           Talking points: 1. Peltier’s served over 33 years in       and Rosemary for helping to mail the last issue!
shooting of two FBI agents on South Dakota’s Pine Ridge        prison. 2. The government has conceded that it does not
                                                               know who shot the two agents. 3. The government is still          Our gratitude goes to Jerry, John, and David for their
Indian Reservation — the corrupt tribal chief, Dickie Wil-                                                                    assistance with archive work.
son, was secretly signing away tribal mineral rights, in-      fighting vigorously to prevent the release of thousands
cluding for uranium, while traditionalists opposed to such     and thousands of pages of documents under the Freedom             Thanks also to Bix, Laura and Tom, and the Tacoma
development were under siege by the FBI and Wilson’s           of Information Act — documents that should have been           Catholic Worker community and the Ground Zero Com-
Guardians Of the Oglala Nation, or “G.O.O.N. Squad.”           turned over to defense attorneys years ago. 4. Peltier         munity for Nonviolent Action for their hospitality when
                                                               will turn 65 on September 12 and he is not in the best of      we attended the Pacific Life Community retreat and
                                                               health. 5. Peltier was brutally attacked on January 13,        March 1 demonstration at Bangor.
                                                               2009 by t
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