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From the Top: Using Connection Activities by ProQuest


The opening segments of a course can mean different things for different trainers, and research has revealed that the very beginning of a course can be the most meaningful and best-retained segment. Instead of administrative business, introductions, or games to break the ice, designers can implement connection techniques to make learners feel at ease, ready to learn, and fully connected with learning goals, even before the first slide flashes on the screen. Connections are short, learner-focused opening activities that include four important elements: connecting learners to other learners, to the topic, to their own learning goals, and to the learning outcomes. Learners also connect to the trainer and to the training environment. This means they begin to feel relaxed and at ease with the trainer and comfortable in their environment. learning time. Connections connect learners to each other and to the training topic and concepts. When the opening activity is a connection, it adds to the overall learning.

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