Notice of Retraction: Omission of Author in "Malakoplakia Outside the Urinary Tract" (Arch Pathol Lab Med. 2007;131(2):297-300) by ProQuest


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									                                                   Letters to the Editor

                                                                                        in normal appearing biliary tract mu-
Notice of Retraction:                        Pancreatobiliary                           cosa adjacent to a malignancy.5
Omission of Author in                        Malignancies—                                The current study by Henson et al1
                                                                                        has provided an additional boost to
‘‘Malakoplakia Outside                       An Appreciation of the                     the concept of field cancerization
the Urinary Tract’’                          ‘‘Field Cancerization                      with regard to biliopancreatic malig-
(Arch Pathol Lab Med.                        Theory’’                                   nancies, and it should lead to an in-
                                                                                        creased sharing of ideas by clinicians
2007;131(2):297–300)                         To the Editor.—We read with interest       and scientists who have special inter-
                                             the article by Henson et al.1 The ar-      ests in the individual malignancies
To the Editor.—We recently published         ticle has provided a piece of epide-       (gallbladder, extrahepatic bile duct
the following review article in the          miologic evidence to support the con-      cholangiocarcinomas, and pancreatic
ARCHIVES: Yousef GM, Naghibi B.              cept of ‘‘field cancerization’’ in malig-   cancers). This endeavor could help
Malakoplakia outside the urinary             nancies of the biliopancreatic tree.       unravel the etiopathogenesis and
tract. Arch Pathol Lab Med. 2007;               As has been pointed out in this ar-     contribute to our understanding, the
131(2):297–300. I realize that the           ticle, a closer look at malignancies of    management, and hopefully the out-
name of Mowafak M. Hamodat, MB,              the gallbladder, extrahepatic bile         comes of these malignancies that
ChB, MSc, FRCPC, was inadvertently           duct, pancreas, and ampulla reveals        have traditionally been looked upon
omitted from the author list.                that they actually share a common          with nihilism.
   I am, therefore, writing to notify        profile in more ways than one. The
you of this oversight on my part, and        authors have based their inference on
I ask you to recognize Dr Hamodat            the parallel linear rate patterns for             SAVIO GEORGE BARRETO,
as a coauthor.                               the 4 sites. There remain some addi-                 MBBS, MS
   To clarify, the roles of the authors      tional factors as well.                           Department of General and
were as follows: Dr G. M. Yousef,               The commonality of poor out-                      Digestive Surgery
writing and designing the review ar-         comes associated with gallbladder,2               Flinders Medical Centre
ticle; Dr B. Naghibi, sharing in the         extrahepatic bile duct, and pancreatic            Adelaide, Australia
design of the article; and Dr M. M.          head carcinomas3 has been well doc-
Hamodat, contributing information            umented. In addition, the genetic                 PARUL J. SHUKLA, MS, FRCS
about a case report of malakoplakia          profile of these malignancies, p53                 Department of Gastrointestinal
of the neck, which was mentioned in          mutations, and K-ras mutations re-                  Surgical Oncology
the article.                                 main a common denominator. Also,                  Tata Memorial Hospital
   The corrected citation is as follows:
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