Star Trek for the Lost generation by ProQuest


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									                                                                                           Canadian Mennonite June 8, 2009   27

                                Star Trek for the
                                Lost generation
                                                                Star Trek.
                         Directed by J.J. Abrams. A Paramount Pictures/spyglass Entertainment release. Rated PG.
                                                   Re vie wed by Vic Thiessen

I   was one of the earliest Trekkies. The ori-
    ginal Star Trek TV series filled me with a
sense of wonder and with optimism about
                                                 violence (and yes, I know the original series
                                                 was often ambiguous in this regard), the new
                                                 film left me with the feeling that not much
the future of humanity. It regularly engaged     had changed in the 23rd century. It’s still all
both my mind and my heart. Despite the           about who has the biggest weapons.
laughable sets and special effects (innova-         This is a dark film about what still seems
tive for their time) and campy acting, Star      to be a dark time. The careless and insult-
Trek made me feel like I really was in a fu-     ing way that the demise of the Romulans is
ture world where interplanetary travel was       depicted (a well-meant joke between Kirk
commonplace, and where the Federation            and Spock at the film’s darkest moment)
represented an enlightened universe mov-         shows how little the filmmakers have
ing towards peace and justice for all.           thought about their message.
   Unfortunately, with all its polish, the          Star Trek missed the opportunity to fol-
new Star Trek film by J.J. Abrams (writer/       low the frequent examples of its predeces-
director of Alias and Lost) fails to build       sors in exposing the truth of our times and
on this fine legacy. The filmmakers have         using this to teach, to warn, and to encour-
done a great job of casting lookalikes of the    age, like Jesus did. God is notably absent
original Star Trek characters and of mak-        from Star Trek, as if we will soon outgrow
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