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  What will emerge
Great Emergence?
                                                  By John Longhurst

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                                                       Declining church membership; the breaking
                                                       down of denominational loyalty and
                                                       barriers; the rise of new ‘emergent’ churches
                                                       that blend ancient rituals, litanies and
                                                       hymns together with contemporary forms
                                                       of worship and calls for social action—
                                                       something is happening out there. But what
                                                       is it? And why is it happening now? What’s
                                                       happening is as old as religion itself, says
                                                       Phyllis Tickle, author of the new book, The
                                                       Great Emergence: How Christianity is
                                                       Changing and Why. Tickle, who will be
                                                       speaking at “The Great Emergence, a one-
                                                       day conference at Winnipeg’s Booth College
 Phyllis Tickle, author of The Great                   on Oct. 31, explores the link between the
 Emergence, is the founding editor of the reli-
 gion department at Publishers Weekly, and
                                                       church’s history of change and the new face
 a lay minister in the U.S. Episcopal Church.          of the church today in an interview with
                                                       Winnipeg freelance writer John Longhurst.
                                                                                       Canadian Mennonite June 8, 2009                  5

from the
Longhurst: What is the Great                   Tickle: During these times of rearrange-      It appears to take the Abrahamic faiths—
Emergence?                                     ment and upheaval, the institutional-         Christianity, Judaism and Islam—about
Tickle: The Great Emergence refers to a        ized church throws off things that are        500 years before people rebel and seek
monumental phenomenon in our world             restricting its growth. When that mighty      reform. When that happens, new and
today that affects every part of our lives—    upheaval happens, history shows that at       vigorous expressions of faith break out,
religiously, socially, culturally, intellec-   least three things always happen:             breaking the molds that have held them
tually, politically and 
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