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									     Canada’s Rock to Road Publication
         May/June 2009 Volume 23, Issue 3
                   Andy Bateman
                  Tel: 905.633.9681
                                                             Letter from Alberta
                abateman1@cogeco.ca                          This issue features the Susan Lake sand & gravel operation, located
                                                             in Alberta’s oil sands development region north of Fort McMurray.
                    Group Publisher
                   Scott Jamieson                            There are a number of interesting aspects to this operation, not least
              Tel: 514.457.2211 ext. 24                      of which is its unusual business model. The property is owned by the
                                                             Alberta Government and managed by Athabasca Minerals Inc. in
                     National Sales
                                                             accordance with the Alberta Aggregate (Sand and Gravel) Allocation
                     Tim Tolton
                 Tel: 514.237.6614                           Policy for Commercial Use on Public Land.
                                                                The policy states that “A specific site may be operated as a public pit where Sustainable
                     Guy Fortin                              Resource Development determines that it is in the public, industry, and/or community
              Tel: 514.457.2211 ext. 23
                                                             interest (e.g., a highly competitive market area with confirmed scarcity of resource). A pit
                                                             manager will be selected through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process. The successful
                   Josée Crevier                             proponent (company or individual) will be responsible for operating the pit and making
       jcrevier@forestcommunications.com                     aggregate available to all operators. An example is the Susan Lake public pit near Fort
             90 Morgan Road, Unit 14                         McMurray.”
           Baie d’Urfé, Quebec, H9X 3A8                         Many of the companies who are currently embroiled in the licensing process elsewhere
      Tel: 514.457.2211 | Fax: 514.457.2558
          Website: www.rocktoroad.com                        could probably make a solid case for additional aggregate reserves in “a highly competitive
                                                             market area with confirmed scarcity of resource.” In most jurisdictions however, the
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