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                                                    Michigan Scouts find it pays
                                    LAKE SUPERIOR

                                       to BE PREPARED, especially when
                                                       camping on a tiny islandLAKE HURON

                                                    just 15 miles from Canada.
                                                                                                        LAKE ONTARIO

                                                                  by                  photographs by

                                                       Jane A. White                  Andrew Kornylak
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  32       BOYS’ LIFE F JUNE 2009

IsleRoyale.indd 32                                                                                                     4/3/09 1:38:59 PM
                             he haunting howl of a wolf echoed through
                              the night. Life Scouts Max Rashes and Neil
                              Bornemeier stuck their heads out of their tents,
                             listened for a minute, then snuggled back into
                      their warm sleeping bags.

                      It was 2 a.m., and Troop 1 from Ann Arbor, Mich.,
                      had covered a lot of miles on its journey to Isle Royale,
                      located off the coast of Michigan in the northwest
                      corner of Lake Superior.                           CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

                                                          Neil Bornemeier, Josh Majkowski and
                                                          Matt Majkowski (left to right) from Troop 1,
                 by                                       Ann Arbor, Mich., make their way down a
                                                          trail in Isle Royale National Park.

                                                                        JUNE 2009 F BOYS’ LIFE              33

IsleRoyale.indd 33                                                                                4/9/09 10:08:01 AM
         The last thing the guys needed to worry about now was                says 15-year-old First Class Scout Josh Majkowski. “And
       a wolf keeping them up all night.                                  
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