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									           GUY GEAR:       SUN PROTECTION

WH AT’S HOT                                                                                              PATAGONIA

           “It’s nice to have a good-looking tan, but             Bullfrog Quik Gel Sport
       you also have to think about your skin down                Spray SPF 36
       the road,” Lucas warns.                                    ($12; www.boyslife.org/links/
           The sun’s rays are broken into two types               bullfrog) This spray-on sunscreen
       of ultraviolet rays: UVA and UVB. Both                           provides UVA/UVB protec-
       are harmful, but UVB rays burn your                                tion, is highly waterproof
       skin and cause most cases of skin                                   and sweatproof, and dries
       cancer. Covering yourself with                                      instantly. 4.7 oz. spray
       clothing and a hat is the best way                                   bottle.
       to avoid sun exposure, but for the
       parts of your body that are un-
       covered, wear a sunscreen with a                                     HATS
       sun protection factor (SPF) of at                                        A hat can act as your
       least 15.                                                            own personal shade tree.
           All sunscreens are labeled with                                 One with a four-inch brim     regular baseball cap.” Baseball
       an SPF number. The higher the SPF,                                  will reduce the sun expo-     caps are fine, but if you wear
       the longer your skin can last in the                                 sure to your head, neck      one, Lucas says you must re-
       sun before it burns (though most                                      and face by up to 70        member to put sunscreen on spots a
       experts say anything over SPF 30                                      percent. For maximum        hat won’t cover, like the tops of your ears,
       doesn’t add much protection). So if                                 protection, look for a hat    cheekbones, the tip of your nose and the back
       you normally burn in about 10 minutes, SPF       made with UPF (the amount of ultraviolet light   of your neck.
       15 sunscreen will protect you for about 150      that penetrates fabric) of 15 or greater.
       minutes. “I always put sunscreen on first           “A lot of guys I fish with wear                 Columbia Omni-Shade Bora Bora
       thing in the morning when it’s still dark out-   sun hats, the ones with                                 Booney ($25; www.boyslife.org/
       side,” he says. “It’s important to put it        the big rounded                                            links/columbia) This is the
       on at least 20 minutes before your               bills ,” L u c as                                             classic booney-style hat
       skin is exposed to the sun. Then                  s ay s . “ T he y                                              improved with UPF 50
       I reapply it at least two times                   are good, but                                                  fabric, sweat-wicking
       throughout the day.” Apply plenty                 for me it ’s                                                   headband and tons of
       of lotion, and pay special attention              just easier                                                     venting.
       to your face, ears and neck. Don’t                 to wear a
       forget the tops of your feet if you’re
       wearing flip-flops.
           The sun is at its strongest
       between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.                                              COLUMBIA OMNI-SHADE                                      Patagonia
                                                                                BORA BORA BOONEY
       At higher elevation, the sun is                                                                                 Sunshade Broadbill Hat
       even stronger. Water reflects                                                                           ($35; www.boyslife.org/links/patagonia)
       almost 100 percent of UV radi-                             
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