Bill looks to protect Jersey Fresh label by ProQuest


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                                          state’s 1,800 packaged-goods stores.          Bill sponsor Assemblyman John          Advocate that investigated Assist-
Grocery stores may                              “The fact is that nobody in       Burzichelli (D-West Deptford) said           ed Living Concepts Inc., a Wis-
get OK to sell liquor                     New Jersey has a difficult time         the bill would                               consin-based firm accused of
                                          finding alcoholic beverages,”           protect        the                           unlawfully discharging residents.
A BILL THAT would expand alco-            Warsh said. He said the council’s       state’s farmers.                                   In addition, Medicaid-eligible
holic-beverage sales to supermar-         revenue estimate depends on an                “We need                               residents could become more
kets is receiving a push from the         alcohol tax increase proposed by        to be fair to                                attractive to assisted-living facili-
New Jersey Food Council, which            Gov. Jon S. Corzine, which he           farmers       and                            ties if the state government makes
                                                                                                                                                                           “I don't think
contends it would provide revenue         argued would lower sales and tax        consumers by                                 changes urged by some legislators.        we should make
to the state.                             receipts. – Andrew Kitchenman           ensuring only                                      However, Health Care Associ-         criminals out of
     The council estimates that if                                                ‘Jersey Fresh’        John Burzichelli       ation of New Jersey President Paul
the state activates 200 of nearly                                                 products carry the label that con-           Langevin pointed out that the
                                                                                                                                                                         our very sick and
400 dormant liquor licenses, it
                                          Bill looks to protect                   sumers look to for the highest-              Public Advocate report focused on            terminally ill.
would add $60 million in new rev-         Jersey Fresh label                      quality produce,” Burzichelli said.          just one firm.                            Medical marijuana
enue, as well as make liquor shop-                                                – Andrew Kitchenman                                “It’s not an industry-wide
ping more convenient.                     Mislabeling food as “Jersey Fresh” or                                                issue,” Langevin said.
                                                                                                                                                                        can alleviate a lot of
     Council President Linda              “Jersey Grown” would prompt fines                                                          Health and Senior Services               suffering.”
Doherty said New Jersey should            that are 10 times higher than they
                                                                                  State seeks options                          spokeswoman Marilyn Riley said
join 45 other states in having com-       now are, under legislation that         for assisted living                          the department supports the reso-
petitive liquor laws.                     recently passed the state Assembly.                                                  lution’s goals. The department is        State Assemblyman Reed
     “This would result in more                The bill would increase the fine   Lawmakers are asking the state               strengthening disclosure require-        Guscio
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