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PART 5: Performance Evaluation
By Michael Touchstone, BS, EMT-P

  As a supervisor, you most likely complete regular                 to what they’re saying. How often do you find yourself
performance evaluations for your subordinates. This is usually      formulating a response in your head before someone finishes
an organizational requirement, and sometimes linked to              speaking? Do you start to reply with your inner voice? Part of
raises and promotions. The first time I was promoted to shift        the skill of active listening is silencing that inner voice, so
supervisor, doing annual performance evaluations was one            you listen only to the person speaking to you.
of my functions. It was one of the responsibilities I liked least
about being a supervisor. Initially I had no idea what I was        Objective Standards
expected to do or how best to evaluate those I worked with.           Objective standards are not subject to opinions. If the
Supervisors and subordinates alike often dread this annual          standard is “Complete 15 successful IV attempts with at
event. What can you do to make the process less painful             least a 90% success rate,” a person either meets it or doesn’t.
and more valuable, and to become comfortable evaluating             Your organization should have identified and communicated
your subordinates? There are some concepts and methods              specific and objective performance standards based upon
that can make your job easier and your subordinates more            the job description, strategic plan, rules and regulations,
accepting of the process. Performance evaluation is really          and operating procedures. Performance standards should
just one component of a performance improvement cycle.              be based upon observable behaviors. Evaluation is then also
Let’s begin at the beginning.                                       based upon observed behavior. Observable behaviors that
                                                                    are the basis for performance standards are also specific
Clear Expectations                                                  descriptions of performance expectations. They are the two
  The performance evaluation process begins with the                sides of the evaluation coin. You make observations (or
job description. All basic organizational performance               review patient care reports) and evaluate behaviors versus
expectations should be included in this. Your organization          objective standards and clear expectations. Always evaluate
should have written job descriptions for every position. If it      behaviors, not people.
doesn’t, you have some work to do.
  All new employees should be clear about what the                  Performance Improvement Planning
organization expects of them. Communicate clearly and                 For an evaluation to be meaningful, it must be more
ensure your subordinates understand what you want. The              than an isolated annual event. It must be one component
job description articulates this for the record, and so is the      of an ongoing process. You and your subordinates should
yardstick for your evaluation. Compare your subordinate’s           collaborate to develop and agree upon a set of individual
performance to their job description. How well has the              performance standards, based upon the dimensions listed
employee met expectations?
  One of your responsibilities as a leader is to communicate
with the people you lead. Part of your regular dialogue should         Physicians Working Together
include performance expectations. Ask your subordinates                  The Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement,
what they think the organization expects of them. Also                convened by the AMA, works to enhance quality of care
                                                                      and patient safety through the development, testing and
discuss what they expect of the organization and what
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