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									                                                                                       EMS Product News and Reviews

Blood and virus protection kit                                       Reflective materials for low-light
Pandemics and other infectious events are threats we face every      responses
day. The new SafePaq blood and virus protection kit from DQE         EMS providers often work in dark, difficult places where
provides healthcare workers with personal protection that meets      it’s hard to know where everyone is. FotoLum—a leading
OSHA standards and CDC guidelines for resistance to blood            manufacturer of high-grade photoluminescent vinyl
and viral penetration. The SafePaq presents a barrier against        combined with 3M light-reflective overlay and 3M double-
a wide range of fluid and viral threats and has applications in      backed adhesive—has products that keep wearers visible.
           many settings. Contents include a protective coverall     By applying FotoLum’s photoluminescent and reflective
                    with attached hood, elastic wrists and skid-     helmet patches, crescents, equipment and SCBA strips
                       resistant integrated boots; two pairs of      to uniforms and equipment, team members can maintain
                          nitrile exam gloves; an N95 respirator;    visual contact in low light and dark, smoky conditions
                                      and safety glasses. Call       without depending on flashlights. Call 913/888-0870,
                                       800/355-4628, or visit        or visit www.fotolum.com.
                                       www.dqeready.com.             Circle 38 on Reader Service Card
                                    Circle 34 on Reader
                                    Service Card                     Advanced footwear meets unique needs
                                                                     Timberland PRO’s Valor series is a line of lightweight foot gear
Safety key to redesigned ambulances                                  designed to meet the needs of public-safety professionals with
Improving vehicle safety                                             advanced levels of support, comfort and durability. The
is one of the most hotly                                             series consists of six styles, all lightweight for maximum
debated topics in the EMS                                            comfort and agility, arranged in three product lines
industry. Road Rescue                                                based on key features and technologies. All Valor series
has introduced a complete                                            products contain Timberland’s exclusive PreciseFit system,
redesign of its line of custom                                       a breakthrough technology that uses footbed inserts to
ambulances with safety                                               ensure optimal fit. Each pair comes with a set of inserts
in mind. Improvements                                                of varying thicknesses, which allows for size differences
include new technology and                                           between left and right feet, creating a customized,
innovative features on the                                           comfortable fit. Call 888/802-9947, or visit
company’s Ultramedic, Promedic and Duramedic ambulances.             www.timberlandpro.com.
Redesign features include a new crash-rail fender ring system        Circle 39 on Reader Service Card
that is more impact-absorbent; redesigned roof-radius extrusion
with triple-wall construction; and new exterior doors t
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