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									to the editor                                                                      prison, reprisal, or smears. Thus
                                                                                   your magazine shows itself to be a
                                                                                   propaganda rag pushing something
                                                                                   that is very much in doubt.
                                                                                         Maybe the NOR should try put-
                                                                                   ting forth Catholicism’s true mis-
                                                                                   sion, which is to convert others, in-
                                                                                   stead of defending others’ faiths —
In Honor of Our Priests         , and in-          especially those that denigrate, abuse,
                                          clude “NOR” in the subject heading,      ridicule, and smear the Church
       As the “Year for Priests” an-      or write to me at the address below.     through constant acts via the mass
nounced by Pope Benedict XVI ap-          Thank you.                               media they own and manipulate.
proaches, NOR readers might con-                                                   What they truly want is total submis-
sider honoring their priests in a very                          Michael Ezzo
                                                                                   sion of the Catholic Church to their
special way by marking the anniver-                  A-2D City Haitsu Castle
                                                                                   beliefs. Your advertisements claiming
sary of Father’s ordination to the                234-1 Toyoda, Kawagoe-cho
                                                                                   to be a defender of Catholic beliefs are
priesthood with a commemorative                            Mie-gun, Mie-ken
                                                                                   nothing but a falsehood. Reimburse
Mass on the appropriate date and en-                        510-8122 JAPAN
                                                                                   the remainder of my subscription im-
couraging as many parishioners as                                                  mediately.
possible to attend. The intention of
the Mass could be “To thank Al-           The NOR Is a Jewish                                      Anthony D. Moreschi
mighty God for Father’s vocation.”        Propaganda Rag                                               Norfolk, Virginia
The participants could also sign a spe-
cial anniversary card beforehand in the         Since reading your New Oxford            Cancel my subscription. I did
vestibule as they enter the church to     Note “Pope Benedict’s Tightrope          not realize that you are so in love with
be presented to their priest at the end   Act” (Mar.), I am unable in good con-    the damned Jews.
of the Holy Mass together with a tiny     science to continue as a subscriber.
memento to mark the occasion, such        When in all of history has man not                       Albert J. LeBreton III
as the book True Devotion to the          been allowed to question “history”?                         Gonzalez, Florida
Blessed Virgin Mary by St. Louis-Marie    The vicious demonization of Bishop
de Montfort. Why not arrange with         Richard Williamson of the Society of     THE EDITOR REPLIES:
Father for a photograph taken on his      St. Pius X for speaking out regarding          We hope our readers will agree
ordination day to be put on display? It   “the holocaust” is the equivalent of     with us that the two foregoing let-
would delight all present and remind      silencing any questioning of said        ters are, at the least, distasteful. The
him of the enthusiasm he felt for the     “event.” Four or so years ago, the       reason we have chosen to print them
holy priesthood on that never-to-be-      Polish government reduced the            — and it was not an easy decision
forgotten day in his life.                number of
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