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									         Anesthesia Induces Hyperphosphorylation
         of Tau at Sites Related to Alzheimer’s Disease
                cientists from The New York                                                                 phosphorylation of tau protein at the

         S      State Office of Mental
                Retardation and Developmental
         Disabilities’ (OMRDD) New York State
                                                                                                            AD-related abnormal hyperphospho-
                                                                                                            rylation sites suggests that tau hyper-
                                                                                                            phosphorylation might be the mecha-
         Institute for Basic Research in                                                                    nism that links anesthesia and the risk
         Developmental Disabilities (IBR)                                                                   of cognitive impairment and/or AD.
         reported in the March 2009 issue of                                                                    AD is the most common cause of
         the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease that                                                            dementia in adults and affects
         anesthesia induces phosphorylation                                                                 approximately 27 million individuals
         of tau. Tau is a key neuronal protein                                                              worldwide and over 4 million in the
         involved in neurodegeneration in                                                                   United States alone. Most AD cases
         Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and several                                                               are sporadic and are believed to be
         other neurodegenerative disorders.                                                                 caused by multiple factors.
             Anesthesia has previously been                                                                 Understanding the mechanism by
         found to be associated with cognitive                                                              which anesthesia may increase the
         impairment and the risk for AD. This                                                               risk for cognitive impairment will
         study helps clarify the molecular mech-                                                  
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