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J. James Rohack, MD

    Keyword: American Medical Association
    J Natl Med Assoc. 2009;101:619

Author Affiliation: American Medical Association, Chicago, Illinois.
Corresponding Author: J. James Rohack, MD, President-elect, American
Medical Association, c/o Robin R. Russell, Executive Assistant, Office of
the Presidents, American Medical Association, 515 N State St, Chicago, IL
60654 (robin.russell@ama-assn.org).

     . James Rohack, MD, is a senior staff cardiologist at
     Scott & White Clinic in Temple, Texas. Dr Rohack
     became president-elect of the American Medical
Association in June 2008 and will assume its presidency
in June 2009. He has been a member of the American
Medical Association (AMA) board of trustees since
2001 and served as chair in 2004-2005. He has served
as treasurer of the board of commissioners of the Joint
Commission, chair of the National Advisory Council to                       Association’s Texas affiliate, president of the Texas Med-
the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, and is                      ical Association (TMA), chair of the TMA Council on
one of the principals of the Hospital Quality Alliance.                     Medical Education, and member of the TMA board of
He also serves on the Quality Alliance Steering Com-                        trustees.
mittee Workgroups: Cost/Price Transparency and Epi-                             Dr Rohack’s lifetime commitment to advancing edu-
sodes of Care/Efficiency.                                            
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