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Day Schools Provide Sound Investment for a Vibrant Future


* Day schools work. They serve as gateways into Jewish life for countless students and families, and they nurture and educate committed young people. In recent research comparing day-school graduates to their non-day-school counterparts in college, the level of Jewish involvement of the day-school students was significantly higher. Day-school graduates also excel academically and engage civically, even beyond the Jewish community, at levels higher than their peers.* Day schools are the Jewish neighborhoods of the 21st century. A brief visit to any school will reveal a tight connection not only among students and teachers, but among the parents, many of whom come from diverse backgrounds, extending the community beyond the school walls. Through lifelong connections and friendships, opportunities for community members to learn together and share meaningful experiences, day schools are a nexus for Jewish vitality.Rabbi [JOSHUA ELKIN] is executive director of the Boston-based Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education. He will be the keynote speaker at the May 27 annual dinner for the Raymond and Ruth Perelman Jewish Day School.

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									Day Schools Provide Sound Investment for a Vibrant Future
Joshua Elkin
Jewish Exponent; May 21, 2009; 226, 8; Docstoc
pg. 25

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