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Data Center Opportunities


UMass Memorial Health Care (UMHC) has earned recognition as the top hospital in Massachusetts. Behind the scene, however, the health system was becoming increasingly constrained by an aging information technology infrastructure, as well as internal processes and a medical record system that are primarily paper-based. Leaders at all levels of the organization recognized the implications of the aging IT infrastructure several years ago, and launched a strategic initiative to advance the health system's IT architecture quickly and cost effectively. Interoperability was the centerpiece of the new architecture. UMHC established a single evaluation group responsible for identifying and selecting all key applications. Staff decided a platform approach like that offered by dbMotion was the most appropriate. The chosen solution effectively isolates the data architecture from the end user presentation layer, enabling staff to proceed with identifying and mapping data sources into the repository, while working with the clinical team in parallel on how the data is presented.

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									Data Center Opportunities
George Brenckle; Richard Cramer
Health Management Technology; Jun 2009; 30, 6; Docstoc
pg. 10

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