Transforming the Tooth-to-Tail Ratio

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the Tooth-to-
Tail Ratio
An Interview with Brigadier
General Craig A. Peterson (Ret.)
                                                  Logistics are of critical importance to stability operations. Photo: Petty Officer 3rd Class John P. Curtis/U.S. Navy

        rigadier General Craig A. Peterson (Ret.) is CEO at Strategic Solutions Partners LLC. Brig. Gen. Peterson served as senior vice
        president for contingency operations at IAP Worldwide Services and vice president of contingency and homeland operations for Kellogg,
        Brown and Root (KBR). He was also deputy commanding general for homeland operations and director of integration for the Department
of the Army. He retired from the U.S. Army in January 2004.

JIPO: What factors have contributed to the            Peterson: Part of the challenge is that                     relationships, you get that by itera-
evolution of the stability operations industry?       it depends on the contract. The                             tions of going through the process of
                                                      contract will outline the parameters                        working through the gaps of expecta-

                                                                                                                                                                          journal of international peace operations | volume 4 | number 6 | may-june 2009
Peterson: Toward the latter part of                   within which the contractor will                            tions and written directions or
the 1980s, the structure of the U.S.                  perform. It’s got to be a coordinated                       statements of work. Understanding
Army was significantly modified as a                  partnership between the service                             and cooperation increase over time
result of trying to gain resources from               component and the contractor to                             and multiple events, trust increases
the peace dividend. Support forces                    work these things out so that you                           and the processes of oversight,
and structure were cut or moved to                    don’t have the misconceptions or                            accountability and mutual trust will be
the National Guard and Reserves to                    worse yet, the expectation of some                          the outcomes. The resulting efficien-
increase the ratio of fighters to                     level of accomplishment versus the                          cies and economies of scale will serve
supporters. There were many out-                      reality of what was written. So let it be                   the services and the taxpayer well.
comes from these actions; a few were                  written, so let it be done. It’s that
that the Army could no longer go to                   exchange of professionalism and ideas                       JIPO: In your experience, when does it
war without reserve component help                    between the two that will solve the                         make sense to use TCNs (third country
and that the era of contracting for                   majority of all of these problems.                          nationals) versus HCNs (host country
essential support services was entered.                                                                           nationals) versus Americans?
These actions created the current                     JIPO: How do you see the LOGCAP
industry of service support contrac-                  contract evolving in the future?                            Peterson: In most cases, with the
tors.                                                                                                             LOGCAP contract, the companies
                                                      Peterson: The future of the LOG-                            who held the contract were the largest
JIPO: Critics of the stability operations             CAP (Logistics Civil Augmentation                           employers in the country. The goal
industry point to what they see as weak               Program) contract lies in trusted,                          always was to hire local nationals;
mechanisms of accountability. How can the             comfortable relationships. And you                          however there are great challenges. In
industry work to strengthen these mecha-              don’t get that by throwing it open to                       the beginning in Iraq, there were no
nisms?                                                everyone, you get that by long term                         skilled craftsmen. No             22

                        Naveed Bandali is a Development Associate at IPOA. Jessica Bryant is a Publications Associate at IPOA.
q and a | craig peterson
                                                                                  21 electricians, plumbers or                                                                        addition to ARFORGEN, you have
                                                                                  carpenters — in a country at that                                                                   other synchronous, nested models of
                                                                                  stage of development, the contractor                                                                logistics, LOGFORGEN (Logistics
                                                                                  has to grow those capabilities. That                                                                Force Generation), and personn
Description: There were many outcomes from these actions; a few were that the Army could no longer go to war without reserve component help and that the era of contracting for essential support services was entered. In addition to ARFORGEN, you have other synchronous, nested models of logistics, LOGFORGEN (Logistics Force Generation), and personnel equipment training, etc., that mate and nest with ARFORGEN to ensure that when the group comes out of the cycle, it's trained and ready to deploy with the right equipment, the right training, the right personnel at the right time. First off, it's got to be a trusted relationship between a number of players - the Army, the contractor, Defense Contract Management Agency and Defense Contract Audit Agency.
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