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									                    ACI Student
                  Scholarships for

F  or the 2009-2010 academic year, ACI has awarded
  eight Student Fellowships and five Graduate
Scholarships. For a complete description of these
                                                              than 100 nominations, 10 finalists were chosen to attend
                                                              the last portion of the application process, the interview
                                                              with the Fellowship Selection Team, this past March at
awards, visit, and click on Students         the ACI Spring 2009 Convention in San Antonio, TX.
and then on Student Scholarships.                                The awardees are:

ACI STUDENT FELLOWSHIPS                                       ACI Baker Student Fellowships
   The ACI Student Fellowships are offered to high-                                 Jennifer Harris is completing her
potential undergraduate and graduate students in                                 BS in construction (concrete industry
engineering, construction management, and other                                  management) at Arizona State University.
appropriate curricula who are identified by ACI member                           Her career goal is to teach at the
faculty. The purpose of the Student Fellowship                                   university level. “I would like to continue
Program is to identify, attract, and develop outstanding                         to learn all that I can and pass it on to
professionals for productive careers in the concrete field.                      the future generations of builders,”
During the academic year, each student will receive a                            she said. Nominator: Luke M. Snell;
$7000 ($10,000 for the Charles Pankow Foundation ACI                             Convention Guide: Julie K. Buffenbarger.
Student Fellowship) educational stipend for tuition,
residence, books, and materials; appropriate certificates,                          N. Michael Schafer expects to
recognition, and publicity; paid travel expenses and                             receive his undergraduate degree from
attendance fees to two ACI conventions; assignment to                            Northern Kentucky University in June
an industry mentor; and an optional summer internship                            2010. His career goal is to gain experience
(internships are required to receive the ACI Baker                               in the industry and one day become a
Student Fellowship, ACI Elmer Baker Student Fellowship,                          construction attorney. Nominator:
Cagley ACI Student Fellowship, and Charles Pankow                                Ausbra E. McFarland; Convention
Foundation ACI Student Fellowship). After receiving more                         Guide: Frank A. Kozeliski.

26   June 2009   / Concrete international
ACI Elmer Baker Student                      consulting,” he continued, “I hope
Fellowship                                   someday to be in a managerial
                       Ross Beesley is       position or possibly own my own
                   studying at the           business.” Nominator: W. Micah Hale;
                   University of             Conven
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