Record number of babies born in U.S. in 2007 by ProQuest


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‘I want to protect my child’s hearing’
    Hearing loss among U.S. kids        of Hearing urges parents to:          85 decibels will harm hearing.)
    is rising, and often the damage     Listen to noisemaking toys be-       Avoid taking kids to loud action
isn’t detected until it’s too late. I   fore buying. If a toy comes with     movies. If you do go and the sound
want to protect my child’s hearing.     volume control, monitor its use to   seems deafening, ask the manage-
Any suggestions for parents raising     make sure it’s kept at a low level.  ment to turn down the volume or
children in such a noisy world?
                                        Consider returning gifts that insist on your money back.
                 —N.B., Tampa, FL
                                        make too much noise or disable Insist that older kids who play in

A  You’re right to be concerned.
   Early hearing loss from a single
loud noise or consistent moderate
                                        the noise-making function.           bands or use noise-making equip-
                                        Restrict the use of noisy toys to ment wear hearing protection. It’s
                                        outside play areas.                  available at pharmacies and hard-
noise can interfere with children’s                                          ware and sporting goods stores.
learning.                               Insist that kids keep the volume
    Although we can’t control the       down when they play computer Encourage quiet activities such
environmental noise around us           games and stereo equipment.          as reading, doing puzzles, mak-
from sirens, alarms, leaf blowers,                                           ing things with construction toys,
                                        Strictly limit the time your child drawing, painting, playing educa-
power mowers, motorcycles and           may spend in a video arcade, where tional computer games and watch-
loudspeakers, there’s a lot that we     noise levels can exceed 110 deci- ing family-oriented films.
can do. The League for the Hard         bels. (Over time, noise levels above

                                        British research shows preschool benefits
     Record number                            ew research shows that a high   preschool—and this is a high pre-       economic spectrum benefit from
     of babies born                           quality preschool experience    dictor of later academic success.       high-quality preschool education,”
                                              is a good predictor of future       In addition to studying the ef-     said Steve Barnett, co-director of
     in U.S. in 2007                    academic success for kids from        fects of preschool, the research also   the National Institute for Early
                                        both middle- and low-income           evaluated the influence of home          Education Research (NIEER).
                                        families. The findings from a large    environments and the effective-             This is not the only study to
                                        U.K. study refute the notion that     ness of pre-K and primary school        show the long-lasting effects of
                                        the only children who benefit from     on children’s development.             
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