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									12   Canadian Mennonite May 25, 2009

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            Susan Willms                                                     Craig, ont. she was loved by the boys there and kept in
            Jan. 21, 1923 - March 9, 2009                                    touch with some former residents for decades afterwards.
                                                                             after returning to Coaldale, susie helped care for her elderly
            susan Willms, mother to her siblings and grandmother             parents in their final years. she was a cook and, later, admin-
            to their children, died on March 9, 2009, at the Coaldale        istrator at altenheim, the Mennonite home for the aged
            healthcare Centre. she was 86. susie was born in Molotschna      in Coaldale, until her retirement in the late 1980s. Though
            Colony on Jan. 21, 1923. she immigrated with her family to       susie didn’t marry or have children, she has a large family that
            Canada in 1925 at the age of two-and-a-half. her life was        adores her and whom she doted on relentlessly. Throughout
            spent generously in devotion to her faith, family and com-       her life, susie made a priority of building relationships with
            munity. sharing seemed to come naturally for her. When she       her sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews, and their children
            was a child, she and her brothers and sisters would receive a    and grandchildren. she would often insist that family gather-
            small portion of Christmas candy. susie would save hers and      ings be at her house or at the villa where she later lived in
            treat the others after they had eaten their own. adulthood       retirement. The kitchen was a place of laughter, of dinner
            began when she was still quite young. as the most senior         and faspa with zwieback, wareneki and the other Mennonite
            girl among 11 children, she left school after passing eight      dishes that she prepared so well. Birthdays and Christmas
            grades in just five years, so that she could help the family     were times when the youngest members of the family would
            make ends meet on their farm outside Coaldale, alta. her         r
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