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Sawatzky-Cooper Wesley (b. April 27, 2009), to [Neufeld-Tanner Jason Douglas] and Christie Sawatzky, Hague Mennonite, Sask.Derksen/Wiebe-Stacy Derksen and Trevor Wiebe, Winkler Bergthaler Mennonite, Man, April 18, 2009.Morin/Parkes-Chrissy Morin (Eigenheim Mennonite, Rosthem, Sask.) and Nick Parkes, at the Morin farm, Rosthern, April 14, 2009.

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									                                                                                    Canadian Mennonite May 25, 2009           11

has, from the time it fled the land, restricted calories,
medicine and goods to Gaza’s 1.6 million people.
  Israel wants Hamas to cease to resist and to recog-                                     Now Go Forward
nize Israel as a Jewish state, including all the land it                                  Reaching Out to Grow Your
has occupied, including parts of Lebanon, Golan and                                       Congregation
the West Bank, while, at the same time, Israel refuses                                    J. David Eshleman encourages
to agree that it is in occupation of what is Palestinian                                  and equips believers, pastors,
land.                                                                                     and church leaders to revitalize
  We know what we have seen with our own eyes                                             their congregations. The key, he
in Israel’s massive wars and daily violence against its                                   writes, is to reach out to neigh-
neighbours and Palestinians. Maybe Falk needs to talk                                     bors in the communities around
to the Mennonite Central Committee volunteers and                                         our church buildings.
missionaries in Palestine who know what their eyes
                                                                                          Paper, 310 pages, $22.99
see daily.
John “Ish” Ishm ael , Br a mp ton, Ont.

                                                                Julia’s Words
                                                                Julia discovers there’s more than one way to communi-
                                                                cate, and that friendship is deeper than sound. For
                                                                children ages 6-10, their families, teachers, and others
Λ Milestones                                                    who work with deaf children. By Judith L. Roth.
                                                                Paper, 44 pages, $14.94
Bartlett—Brody (b. april 29, 2009), to Brett and lisa
Bartlett, steinmann Mennonite, Baden, ont.
Janssen—hadley kay (b. april 6, 2009), to Jamie and                    1 800 631-6535 •
Brianna Janssen, First Mennonite, Calgary, alta.
Neufeld—tanner Jason Douglas (b. Feb. 28, 2009), to Jamie
and tamara Neufeld, First Mennonite, Calgary, alta.          Friesen—esther, 77 (
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