Nova Scotia confirms swine flu case contracted within Canada by ProQuest


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Nova Scotia confirms swine flu case contracted
within Canada
First published at on Apr. 30.     noting that from the beginning. It’s tak-               The swabs are also expected to test
                                               ing it’s usual course.”                              positive, meaning 12 students at the

        he first case of human-to-human            No change in provincial procedures               school will have contracted swine flu.
        transmission of A(H1N1) swine          is required as a result of the case, Jreige          The 4 students who originally acquired
        flu within Canada has been con-        says. “We’ve been following the proto-               the virus during a trip in Mexico are all
firmed by Nova Scotia health authori-          cols. It’s business as usual.”                       now fully recovered.
ties. A student at King’s-Edgehill                 King’s-Edgehill Marketing and                       With Alberta and Nova Scotia re-
School in Windsor, Nova Scotia con-            Communications Director Susan                        porting 8 new cases of swine flu on
tracted the flu from another student           McLeod says no details surrounding                   Apr. 30, there were 27 confirmed
who’d caught swine flu while in Mex-           the case can be disclosed because of                 cases across Canada. WHO declara-
ico, the source of the outbreak that has       student privacy concerns.      
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