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Health care crisis in Gaza                      Daniela Rotin PhD                                         Yet as she “draws with great flair Glasses
                                                Senior Scientist, The Hospital for Sick                   and funny faces on all of them” she regis-
                                                Children                                                  ters an innocent's protest against the forces
We, the 8 coauthors of this letter and          Mark D. Minden MD PhD                                     that strip people of their liveliness, their hu-
the 59 Canadian physicians and scien-           Staff Physician and Senior Scientist,                     mour, this distinct and colourful personali-
tists who have reviewed and endorsed            Ontario Cancer Institute, Princess                        ties, and ultimately their lives.
it, are writing in response to 2 articles       Margaret Hospital
in the Mar. 17, 2009, issue of CMAJ:            Jerome Teitel MD                                          CMAJ regrets the error and apologizes
“Gaza’s health care system crippled             St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, Ont.                     for any inconvenience it may have
before — and after” by Christopher                                                                        caused.
                                                The authors’ full affiliations and the names of the
Mason and “On the ground in the Gaza            59 physicians and scientists who endorsed this
Strip” by François Dumont.                      letter can be found online at
    The death of noncombatant civilians         /eletters/180/6/610#90551                                 REFERENCE
in Gaza, in Israel, or in any conflict is a                                                               1.    Downie G. Trauma relived. CMAJ 2009;180(5):544
tragedy. However, both articles failed to       Competing interests: None declared.                       DOI:10.1503/cmaj.090923
point out that the large majority of the
casualties in Gaza were not civilians but
combatants. We also found it regrettable        REFERENCES
that neither article addressed the role of      1.    Mason C. Gaza’s health care system crippled be-
Hamas, the government elected by the                  fore — and after. CMAJ 2009;180:608-9.                   Letters to the editor
                                                2.    Dumont F. Dispatch from the medical front: on the
citizens of Gaza, in precipitating the cri-           ground in the Gaza Strip. CMAJ 2009;180:610.             In submitting a letter, you auto-
sis among its own people. The Hamas             DOI:10.1503/cmaj.1090038                                       matically consent to have it appear
military launched rockets and fired on Is-
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