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Xe is the Problem


On April 27, 75 conference attendees marched to the gate of the Xe's site to perform a "citizens' foreclosure" on the company. State police arrested 22 protesters as they rolled under the property gates. The protesters stated that they were "going onto Blackwater's property to serve a notice of foreclosure on the property of a company that is morally bankrupt."It's been challenging for Clearwater to raise awareness of Xe's presence in Jo Daviess County. The county has other problems, from contaminated drinking water to a proposed new mega-dairy. Martin Hippe, a concerned local resident, calls the Xe site "a precancerous mole" but admits that most people "are more concerned about the impact of the mega-dairy."He concedes that North Carolina's economy relies on the military. "A lot of people don't draw a distinction between the military and Blackwater," Stallberg says. "Its like a career path: You come out of the military and you've not been trained for anything else so Blackwater takes advantage of that."

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