The Need to Go Green by ProQuest


In his book, Go Green, Live Rich, he teaches us to take care of our planet by planting trees; using waterefficient toilets; switching to compact fluorescent lightbulbs; thinking before we print that document; using recycled paper products; and taking green, outdoor, volunteer vacations. Here are some of the practices our associations Green Team has adopted: * Eliminating paper products in the staff kitchen - except for paper towels and napkins - and replacing them with ceramic plates, stainless steel utensils, and coffee mugs. * Implementing a recycling program to include aluminum, cardboard, glass, and plastic and providing a recycling bin for each staff person. * Purchasing 100 percent recycled toner cartridges for printers and recycling all used toner cartridges. * Purchasing copy paper made from 30 percent postconsumer waste. * Using more environmentally friendly cleaning products. * Requesting printing bids for NRPA materials that include standard production as well as Forest Stewardship Council or Green Works-certified production. * Using electronic media such as email blasts, InFormz, and blogging to communicate with members. * Offering Pyxis Online Learning for self-paced training. * Instituting a teleworking policy to reduce gas usage for staff travel to and from work.

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