The relationships of cholesterol metabolism and plasma plant sterols with the severity of coronary artery disease by ProQuest


[...] there is a modest association of high cholesterol absorption and low cholesterol synthesis with an increased severity of CAD.

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									          inform May 2009, Vol. 20 (5)                  323

       shapes within 12 min. Overall recoveries        injection-port silylation by GC–MS, good       E-EPA group without MDE (n = 46) and
       ranged from 88 to 119%, with detection          linearity of analytes was achieved in the      the placebo group (n = 45) were 8.0 (95%
       limits for SFE ranging from 2 to 30 μg L−1.     range of 0.02–10 ng/mL with coefficients       CI: 0.6, 15.3; P = 0.034) for the PGWB,
       The linearity as correlation coefficient was    of determination, R2 > 0.995. Good repro-      –0.2 (95% CI: –0.01, –0.4; P = 0.040) for
       higher than 0.99 except for pregnenolone-       ducibility was obtained with relative stan-    the HSCL-D-20, and –2.7 (95% CI: –0.3,
       3-arachidate (r2 = 0.98) in the concentration   dard deviation less than 19.6%. The limits     –5.1; P = 0.030) for the HAM-D-21. Differ-
       range of 5–3000 μg L−1. Ten serum samples       of detection ranged from 1.3 ng/mL to 15       ences in adjusted 8-wk changes between the
       obtained from volunteers were also analyzed     ng/mL (S/N = 3) in environmental water         E-EPA group with MDE (n = 13) and the
       and DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone)-              samples. Compared with traditional off-        placebo group (n = 16) were not significant.
       3-palmitate and pregnenolone-3-stearate         line silylation of fecal sterols performed     To our knowledge, this is the first trial of
       were quantitatively determined as 1.8–          with water bath (60°C, 30 min), this injec-    n-3 supplementation in the treatment of PD
       1195.8 μg L−1 concentration. The devised        tion-port silylation method is much simpler    and depressive symptoms in middle-aged
       high-temperature GC–MS method could be          and convenient. The developed method has       women. In women with PD without MDE
       useful for identification of SFE in biologi-    been successfully applied for the analysis     at baseline, the 8-wk changes in PD and
       cal specimens including serum.                  of fecal sterols from real environmental       depressive scales improved significantly
                                                       water samples.                                 more with E-EPA than with placebo.
       Sterol lipidomics in health and
       disease: Methodologies and                      Ethyl-eicosapentaenoic acid for                The relationships of cholesterol
       applications                                    the treatment of psychological                 metabolism and plasma plant
       Griffiths, W.J., and Y. Wang, Eur. J. Lipid     distress and depressive                        sterols with the severity of
       Sci. Technol. 111:14–38, 2009.                  symptoms in middle-aged                        coronary artery disease
            In this review we discuss the impor-       women: A double-blind,
       tance of sterols and their metabolites in                                                      Silbernagel, G., G. Fauler, W. Renner, E.M.
       health and disease. The review extends          placebo-controlled, randomized                 Landl, M.M. Hoffmann, B.R. Winkelmann,
       from precursors of cholesterol to their ulti-   clinical trial                                 B.O. Boehm, and W. März, J. Lipid Res.
       mate metabolites, i.e., bile acids. The mass    Lucas, M., G. Asselin, C. Mérette, M.-J.       50:334–341, 2009.
       spectrometric technology used for the anal-     Poulin, and S. Dodin, Am. J. Clin. Nutr.            Changes in the balance of choles-
       ysis of these molecules is reviewed and the     89:641–651, 2009.                              terol absorption and synthesis and mod-
       most modern methodologies highlighted.               Psychological distress (PD) and           erately elevated plasma plant sterols have
                                                       depressive symptoms are commonly               been suggested to be atherogenic. Measur-
       Determination of fecal sterols                  observed during menopausal transition.         ing cholestanol, lathosterol, campesterol,
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