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Known as ECOSURF EH -3, 6, and 9, the surfactants are said by Dow to have "an excellent environmental profile" and to be biodegradable "with low aquatic toxicity," while meeting the criteria for the US Environmental Protection Agency's Design for the Environment Surfactant Screen.

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									  Briefs                                                                                 inform May 2009, Vol. 20 (5)                   309

  Dow Chemical Co. (Midland, Michi-
  gan, USA) agreed on March 10, 2009,
  to complete its purchase of Rohm and
  Haas Co. (R&H: Philadelphia, Pennsyl-
                                              S&D News
  vania, USA), narrowly averting a trial.
  Rohm and Haas sued Dow in January
  after Dow refused to proceed with
  the takeover, claiming the deal under
  its original terms would jeopardize
  Dow’s future, according to the Reuters
  news service.
       In related news, Rohm and Haas
  was named Best Innovation Contrib-
  utor 2008 by Henkel’s Laundry and
  Home Care business. The award was
  given for “breakthrough technology for
  automatic dishwashing detergents.”
  Operating profits of Sasol’s olefins and
  surfactants unit dropped 71% year-
  on-year, the South African company
  announced in March 2009 in report-
  ing financial results for the six months’
  ending December 31, 2008.”While we
  will continue to carefully monitor and
  review the performance of all assets
  in the Sasol O&S (olefins and surfac-
  tants) portfolio, we do not intend to
                                              SC Johnson begins                                “DEP has been extensively researched and
                                                                                               has been deemed safe by various scientific
  sell Sasol O&S at this stage and will
  therefore retain and further optimize
                                              ingredient labeling                              bodies.”

  this business,” the company said.           SC Johnson (Racine, Wisconsin, USA)
                                              has upped the ante in the North American         Contaminants in
                                                                                               children’s products
  German consumer products company            consumer products market by announc-
  Henkel’s sales in China have increased      ing in March 2009 that it will begin listing
                                              ingredient information on its labels and on      The watchdog organization that found lead
  48% to $700 million in 2008, accord-
                                              a website (www.whatsinsidescjohnson.             in lipstick in 2007 gained press in March
  ing to the Shanghai Daily newspaper.
                                              com).                                            2009 with its report on contaminants in chil-
  In addition, the company’s global sales
                                                    The company said it will list all ingre-   dren’s bath and personal care products.
  for 2008 rose by 8.1% to $17.9 billion.
                                              dients including dyes, preservatives, and              The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics
  The Asia-Pacific region accounted for
                                              fragrances on product labels. This goes          (San Francisco, California, USA) released
  11% of Henkel’s global sales in 2008,
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