Research on regulation of seed germination by ProQuest


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									          inform May 2009, Vol. 20 (5)                  307                                            Dargoire research campus operated
                                                                                                       by Bayer CropScience in Lyon. The
                                                                                                       20 scientists who work there will be
                                                                                                       taking a multidisciplinary approach to
                                                                                                       improving the stress tolerance of plants
                                                                                                       and ways of increasing yields, fields in
                                                                                                       which the CNRS research teams are
                                                                                                       among the global leaders.
                                                                                                       Dow AgroSciences LLC (Indianapo-
                                                                                                       lis, Indiana, USA) and Schillinger Seed
                                                                                                       Inc. (West Des Moines, Iowa, USA)
                                                                                                       announced in March that they had
                                                                                                       entered into a licensing, research,
                                                                                                       and development agreement for the
                                                                                                       commercialization of transgenic com-
                                                                                                       modity soybeans. Under the agree-
       The team plans to have a milk-producing         found in the tears, saliva, and milk of all
                                                                                                       ment, Dow AgroSciences will obtain
       herd of these goats established in Brazil       mammals.
                                                                                                       the Schillinger Seed brand and exclu-
       within two years and hopes to begin human            “We all consume lysozyme in our
       trials with the genetically enhanced goats’     saliva every time we swallow,” Murray
                                                                                                       sive right to breed, produce, distrib-
       milk within three to five years. The milk       said. “By increasing lysozyme levels in         ute, and sell Schillinger Seed brand
       will carry increased levels of the human        goats’ milk, we are simply providing more       transgenic commodity soybeans. In
       enzyme lysozyme. Known to impart impor-         of a healthful protein that poses no toxic or   addition Schillinger will continue to
       tant immunological benefits, lysozyme is        allergenic problems.”                           develop and produce proprietary
       found at very high levels in human breast                                                       soybean germplasm for Dow Agro-

                                                       Research on
       milk but at very low levels in goats’ milk.                                                     Sciences to use in breeding and com-
             The new project, funded with a $3.1                                                       mercial sales. In related news, Dow
       million grant from Brazil’s Ministry of
       Science and Technology, is under the lead-      regulation of seed                              AgroSciences LLC also announced that
                                                                                                       it had received regulatory approval
       ership of Aldo Lima, professor and director
       of the Clinical Research Unit and Institute
                                                       germination                                     from the Brazilian National Technical
                                                                                                       Commission on Biosafety (CTNBio)
       of Biomedicine at the Federal University of     Researchers from Purdue
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