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									                                                                                               298             inform May 2009, Vol. 20 (5)

                                                     ethanol in 2010. Their demonstration plant          liters) of ethanol annually at 26 facilities.
       ETHANOL                                       is under construction in Vonore, Tennes-
                                                     see, USA.
                                                                                                         It also markets 300 million gallons (1.1
                                                                                                         billion liters) for nine other plants that are
                                                           D a n i s c o C h i e f E xe c u t ive To m   outside its network.

       New techniques for
                                                     Knutzen told Reuters news agency “It is
                                                     not the world’s largest factory—it will only
                                                                                                         Costs, activities of
       identifying ethanol-                          produce 250,000 gallons (950,000 liters)
                                                     annually—but it is large enough to prove
       producing microbes                            that cellulosic ethanol can be produced
                                                     commercially with the current subsidies,            At the World Biofuels Markets meeting,
       Researchers with the US Department of         and that you can make money on it.”                 held in Brussels, Belgium, March 16–18,
       Energy Joint Bioenergy Institute (JBEI;             DuPont is supplying fermentation and          Novozymes (Bagsværd, Denmark) global
       Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,        pre-treatment technologies, and Danisco is          marketing manager credited the company’s
       California) have developed new techniques     providing enzymes technology. Their goal            Cellic enzyme product family for “achiev-
       to identify and develop microbes that not     is to sell complete cellulosic ethanol tech-        ing the best cost/performance ratio seen so
       only can ferment complex sugars to ethanol    nology packages.                                    far,” as reported by Biofuels Digest. The
       but also can withstand high temperatures                                                          company expects enzyme costs for cellu-
       and other environmental stresses without
       becoming inhibited by the ethanol they are    Ethanol pipeline                                    losic ethanol to come down to the $0.50–
                                                                                                         $1.50 per gallon range by 2010, down from
             “Our results show that the recently
                                                     proposed                                            $2.00–$4.75 per gallon in 2007.
                                                                                                              Expected growth in demand for
       discovered extremophile—the bacterium         On March 16, Magellan Midstream Part-               enzymes to be used in the production of
       Geobacillus thermoglucosidasius—which         ners, L.P. (Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)                   ethanol has already prompted Novozymes
       thrives in the high temperatures and pres-    announced the signing of a joint develop-           to double the investment it plans to make,
       sures of petroleum reservoirs, can ferment    ment agreement with POET (Sioux Falls,              to $160–$200 million, in its enzyme pro-
       the major C5 and C6 sugars (e.g., xylose      South Dakota, USA) to continue assessing            duction plant in Blair, Nebraska, USA,
       and glucose) in cellulosic biomass and can    the feasibility of constructing a dedicated         for which groundbreaking took place on
       tolerate high concentrations of ethanol,”     pipeline to deliver ethanol safely and effi-        March 24.
       said Jay Keasling, chief executive officer    ciently from production facilities in Iowa,
       of JBEI and a world authority on syn-         South Dakota, Minnesota, Illinoi
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