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									  Briefs                                                                                  inform May 2009, Vol. 20 (5)                     289

  A free PDF version of Lipids in Nutri-
  tion and Health: A Reappraisal is being
  offered by PJ Barnes & Associates—
                                              News & Noteworthy
  publisher of Oily Press books. The
  book, which was published in 1999,
  was written by Michael I. Gurr. To
  download a copy, visit www.pjbarnes.
  A new website aims to connect soy
  food manufacturers with growers of a
  wide variety of premium, identity-pre-
  served soybeans. The site, developed
  by the Illinois Soybean Association
  and sponsored by the Iowa Soybean
  Association and the Indiana Soybean
  Alliance, is available at www.Soybean-
  Frazier, Barnes & Associates (FBA), a
  consultancy in Memphis, Tennessee,
  USA, has begun the first phase of a
  project aimed at identifying which oil-
  seeds grow best in that region of the
  United States as a source for biofuel
  and other biobased products. FBA
  President Pete Moss has chosen 12
  oilseed crops, including sunflower and
                                              Ag set to weather                                     Global demand for grain from the
                                                                                                biofuels industry also shows few sign of
  camelina, that currently are not cul-
  tivated by farmers in the Mid-South
                                              recession                                         abating, particularly under the new US
                                                                                                administration, Whitehead said.
  region. FBA received a $75,000 grant        Agriculture is in a better position than most
  from the Tennessee Department of            other industries to weather the global eco-       SUPPLY SIDE PRESSURES
  Agriculture to conduct the test.            nomic crisis, a visiting international agricul-   There is also optimistic news for Austra-
                                              tural expert has told Australian farmers.         lian farmers on the supply side, with global
                                                    Michael Whitehead, vice president           grain stocks likely to fall with reduced pro-
  Thirteen seed companies, proces-
                                              of Food & Agribusiness Research with              duction in developing countries as a result
  sors, and researchers of camelina
                                              Rabobank in New York (USA), says that             of the credit crisis and the prospect of exter-
  have formed the first trade associa-        while agriculture will not be immune from
  tion focused on camelina production                                                           nal shocks
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