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					          Designer’s Notebook

                                                         Stacked Shoji screen-type
                                                         wood doors mounted to an
                                                         overhead track system can
                                                         be opened so the bathing
                                                         pool becomes part of the
                                                         bedroom zone, dramatically
                                                         increasing the visual space
                                                         of the room. Photo courtesy
                                                         of The Shade Hotel in
                                                         Manhattan Beach, CA.

                                           By Ellen Cheever, CMKBD, ASID
                                                                                       less expensive to remodel than

                                               n recent months, a number of
                                               kitchen and bath designers have
                                                                                           For kitchen designers who
                                               reported a dramatic increase
                                                                                       offer a “design-build” service to
                                               in bathroom projects, while
                                                                                       their client – meaning they supply/
                                               kitchen projects are fewer and
                                                                                       install and profit from not only
                                           further between.
                                                                                       cabinetry but fixtures and fittings,
                                               It seems that many clients are
                                                                                       as well as all surfacing materials –
                                           delaying their kitchen undertaking
      As the bath becomes the newest       and turning their attention to
                                           a bathroom instead with the
                                                                                       designing bathrooms can be a good
                                                                                       business focus during the current
      design focus for many consumers,     idea that baths are generally
                                                                                           To win the client over, I
                                                                                       recommend you spend more time
      designers can win business by        Left: Another unique example of
                                           partitioning the toilet is seen at The
                                           Kohler Design Idea Center in a bathroom
                                                                                       on the details of your bathroom
                                                                                       plan. Decorative and functional

      mastering the details – from wall    designed several years ago by Clodagh.
                                           Opposite the vanity and bathtub, a
                                                                                       surfaces play a much bigger role
                                                                                       in the bathroom than in the
                                           frosted glass panel is suspended from       cooking space.
      surfaces to innovative hardware      a ceiling track. The one panel slides to
                                           privatize the toilet compartment or the
                                                                                           In kitchen planning, we
                                                                                       organize and connect long runs of
                                           shower entrance. Photo courtesy of The
      and material options.                Kohler Design Idea Center.
                                                                                       similar materials: Wall surfacing

50 KITCHEN & BATH DESIGN NEWS | MAY 2009                                               
takes a back seat to equipment             Frosted sea foam green glass panels
and cabinetry specifications. In          replace framed walls to separate the
bathroom design, unconnected            toilet and shower from the vanity area.
                                          Photo courtesy of Graves 601 Hotel in
individual elements are installed
Description: Based on your client's preferences for the bathing experience (solitary escapism, social gathering place for adults, etc.), you might consider opening up the bathroom area to the bedroom in a residential project. Once again, this approach works very well if the shower and toilet are separated. In one example (see photo on Page 50), you see the bathtub in a traditional marble platform and a vanity sharing a corridor shape.
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