SMALL-FORMAT PRESS product roundup by ProQuest


Manroland has introduced the Roland 50; the company's first small-format press. Maximum sheet size is 360x520 mm, maximum print speed is 13,000 iph, and maximum pile height is 700 mm. The double- size printing cylinder and the double-size transferter enable contact-free sheet travel.

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                                                                     product roundup
  Information used for this product roundup has been provided        side lay sensors, ultrasonic sheet detection, image area
by the vendors, whose claims or features have not been veri-         calculating software, and closed loop densitometry. These
fied. As always, buyers should thoroughly research all products      presses are CIP-4 JDF compliant and can be networked
before making a purchase.                                            to an MIS system, allowing real-time exchange of job
                                                                     description data and production information. Also avail-
HEIDELBERG SPEEDMASTER SM 52                                         able are a perfector and UV and aqueous coaters.
  The Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 52 offers configurations                   FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT WWW.QUICKPRINTING.COM/ EINQUIRY
ranging from entry level to high performance in order
to fit a range of applications. Design features include              ABDICK 4995A-ICS
expanded stock range up to 0.6 mm, operating console                   The ABDick 4995A-ICS,
Onpress Center for one- and two-color models, automatic              distributed by Presstek, is a
inking, and blanket and impression cylinder washing. The             portrait-format, four-color
                                     optional doctor cham-           offset printing press that is
                                     ber blade system and            suitable for both short and long runs. It handles polyester
                                     coating unit, as well           and metal plates, and supports a variety of stocks via a
                                     as the possibility of           vacuum-enabled stream feeder. Key features include:
                                     full integration into a         ink control system (ICS), stream feeder, vacuum conveyor,
                                     print shop’s produc-            vacuum pull guides, pre-pile with 29” capacity, semi-
                                     tion and management             automatic plate insertion, motorized continuous film
                                     workflows, allow users          dampening system, chiller/recirculator, paper path setup
                                     to upgrade the system           software, and diagonal sheet adjustment of
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