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A global leader in serving libraries of all types, ProQuest LLC (“ProQuest”) supports the breadth of the information community with innovative discovery solutions that power the business of books and the best in research experience. More than a content provider or aggregator, ProQuest is an information partner, creating indispensable research solutions that connect people and information. Through innovative, user-centered discovery technology, ProQuest offers billions of pages of global content that includes historical newspapers, dissertations, and uniquely relevant resources for researchers of any age and sophistication—including content not likely to be digitized by others.

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              Mobile Video
Portable video recording
   MotoCam 360’s Shockbox system records audio and video and stores data on SD
media, which can later be downloaded to department computers via USB. The package
can be configured to power directly from the vehicle with a RAM-mounted Sony bullet
camera, or can be ordered with 10 hours of rechargeable internal power and a flexible
urethane helmet mount for body applications like for SWAT forces or firing range training. Shockbox mounts
directly to any type of motorcycle or helmet. It is waterproof, rugged, portable, has wireless one-touch control fea-
tures, and provides a color LCD viewing screen for camera alignment and video evidence review in the field.
                                                               Circle   43 on Reader Service Card

                                           Digital recording control via MDTs
                                              With ICOP Digital Inc.’s 20/20 Vision, agencies can integrate the functionality
                                           of the ICOP Model 20/20-W into their existing law enforcement vehicle Mobile
                                           Data Terminals (MDTs). With easy-to-deploy flexible installation options, the
                                           ICOP 20/20 Vision delivers full digital video recording capabilities controlled
                                           through an officer’s MDT via keyboard or touchscreen interface.
                                                                                     Circle   42 on Reader Service Card

Hi-resolution record and streaming                                                                              Instant viewing access
                                                                                                                   Send live video, stereo audio
   RGB Spectrum’s Multicast Video Server model
                                                                                                                and six channels of bi-directional
MVS-400 is a fully integrated, high-performance
                                                                                                                data through
system for simultaneously recording, storing and
                                                                                                                any cell sys-
distributing up to 24 channels of high-resolution,
                                                                                                                tem to the
real-time imagery using the JPEG2000 compres-
                                                                                                                Internet with
sion standard. The MVS-400 supports up to 24 simultaneous streams in
                                                                                                                the Colby
any combination of incoming and outgoing streams.
                                 Circle   60 on Reader Service Card                                             Cellular
                                                                                                                VideoModem. Then, from any
Interface for DVR and                                 One-switcher for
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