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Royal Society of London Launches New Platform, Website - PDF


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									                                                                                                                                                                InformationToday          37
                                                                                                                                                          May 2009

advanced conceptual approach that does not rely entirely on the manual tagging of
metadata. Powered by Autonomy’s Meaning Based Computing technology, Con-
                                                                                              Royal Society of London
trolPoint offers users a way to process, edit, search, and hyperlink live or recorded         Launches New Platform, Website
speech just as they would text. The program also enables users to combine concep-
tual ideas and search phrases with metadata to find the most likely content for fur-             The Royal Society of London unveiled an online journal delivery platform hosted
ther processing.                                                                              by HireWire Press as well as a new domain at, which
   Source: Autonomy Corp., PLC (                                             replaces its site on MetaPress. The platform provides enhanced Web 2.0 functional-
                                                                                                                                                      ity and library-friendly fea-
                                                                                                                                                      tures for the society’s science
IU Press Online Goes Live With Help From Tizra                                                                                                        journals, which date from
    The Indiana University Press is launching IU Press Online, an ebook service that                                                                  1665. To facilitate the transi-
features about 200 books and more than 75 themed journals in five subject libraries:                                                                  tion, title-level redirects were
African Studies, African American/Diaspora Studies, Jewish/Holocaust Studies, Phi-                                                                    placed on the MetaPress site
losophy, and Russia/East European Studies. The service is powered by Tizra, Inc.’s                                                                    until the end of April, and all
Tizra Publisher, which was recently updated to include purchase options for indi-                                                                     content was available to all
vidual chapters and articles, as well as subcollections of material crossing several                                                                  users until March 31. Now
collections. Publisher lets users create ebookstores with their own branding, pricing,                                                                only subscribers can access
and content and features support for PDF files rather than requiring them to be con-                                                                  current content.
verted to XML or EPUB.                                                                                                                                   Source: Royal Society Pub-
    Source: Indiana University Press (; Tizra, Inc. (www                                                                      lishing (http://royalsociety                                                                                                                                 

            Database Review                                                                                                        iSEEK
     (continued from page 32)
                                                                                                    iSEEK is a metasearch and clustering engine that effectively merges
      among search results in Google,, and Yahoo! (The New York Times site               results from leading search engines and classifies those results by sub-
      stands out in the bunch because it is a site-based search engine rather than a             topic and other criteria. It’s not the new Google, but it is a smooth im-
      general web search engine). For most searches, these top three have several                plementation of metasearch and clustering. Engaging personalization
      hits in common in the first 10. Furthermore, each one (and iSEEK) is likely to             features add to its appeal.
      have what I would call the best two or three sites on the first results page.
         In other words, it doesn’t matter much what you do. You can search all of
                                                                                                    Vantage Linguistics, 110 Terry Drive, Suite 100, Newtown, PA 18940,
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