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May 2009

                                                                                       Alexander Street Press Sums Up the ’60s
                                                                                          Alexander Street Press revealed The Sixties: Primary Documents and Personal
                                                                                       Narratives, 1960 to 1974, an online collection of primary sources documenting key
                                                                                       events, trends, and movements in America during the 1960s. The collection contains
     (continued from page 35)                                                          interviews with figures such as The Beatles, the Weathermen, and commune writers,
                                                                                       as well as memoirs and diaries from Vietnam War veterans, civil rights workers, fem-
                                                                                       inists, and average people living in the era. Content is being added monthly. Once
                                                                                       complete, the collection will contain 150,000 pages of cross-searchable content.

       And the Password Is …                                                              Source: Alexander Street Press (

                                                                                       Attributor Corp., Creative Commons
            n this digital, password-protected world, just how many passwords do
            you have to remember at any given time? While it’s not a good idea to
            use the same password for all your accounts or to leave a list of your
                                                                                       Tackle License Issues
       passwords posted on your computer terminal (yes, it happens all the time),         Attributor Corp. teamed
       here are a few guidelines from Nick Forcier, CEO of Large Software (www         with Creative Commons to de-, to keep passwords, as well as the data they are designed   velop FairShare, a free service
       to protect, safe.                                                               now entering public beta to
                                                                                       help bloggers and individual
       • Make it impersonal.                                                           content creators control how
           Don’t use personal                                                          their work is shared across
           information, such as the                                                    the web. Users can submit an
           names of your pets,                                                         RSS feed of their work and
           relatives, or birthdays,                                                    then choose from six Creative
           to create a username,                                                       Commons licenses that deter-
           login, or password.                                                         mine how it can be shared.The
           Identity thieves are                                                        service then sends license-
           experts at sifting                                                          specific results via RSS to tell
           though data on                                                              users how and where their
           the web to find such                                                        work is reused.
           details. While selecting                                                       Source: Attributor Corp. (
           (and remembering) new
           passwords may be more
           difficult to do, it’s far                                          Service Sounds the Alarm
           easier than trying to                                                  features a new alerting service that delivers personalized email no-
           fix a stolen identity.                                                      tifications to users on a frequency they specify. Alerts can be created for any term or
                                                                                       name, including title or abstract keywords, author names, and author affiliations.
       • One size doesn’t                                                              Users can also receive alerts from all or selected society publishers, providing a mul-
         fit all. In a nutshell,                                                       tidisciplinary perspective on any particular research interest.
           diversify. Don’t use the same login and password across several sites,          Source: (
           cards, and accounts. Forcier says once a thief gains access to such a
           golden password, access to data will be like a house of cards, allowing
           thieves to access your entire financial portfolio one by one.               New Faculty of 1000 Journals Announced
                                                                                           Faculty of 1000 is launching two journals, F1000 Biology Reports and F1000 Med-
       • Longer is better. Studies have shown that it’s easy to guess many             icine Reports. Based on Faculty of 1000 Biology and Faculty of 1000 Medicine, the
           user-chosen passwords automatically. Short passwords are also more          company’s expert-driven article evaluation services, the journals highlight recent ar-
           susceptible to commercial tools that can recover passwords. Such            ticles deemed significant and interesting by these services. The journals also help
           software is capable of testing 200,000 passwords per second, says           users identify emerging trends before they become apparent to the larger community.
           Forcier. To improve the strength of your password, go longer: Select a          Source: Faculty of 1000 (
           minimum of eight characters with uppercase and lowercase letters and
           include a mix of letters, numerals, and symbols. Be creative: Don’t use
           words found in the English dictionary.                                                                                              Cengage
       • Make it tough. Don’t use a simple password such as “12345678,”
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