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									                                                                                                                              DESIGN TRENDS

                                                                                                                                                                          OUTDOOR LIVING
                                         others with mobility difficulties.              and slopes not exceeding 1:12.
                                            Certain design decisions can affect             A small difference in slope can
                                         the appearance of ramps and the                 mean a significant change in the
                                         property at which they are situated.            run and, therefore, the length of a
                                         Conspicuous decisions include color,            ramp. The visual impact of a long
                                         baluster style and post tops. For a             ramp can be reduced by changes of

        Ramping up                       long ramp, designers can choose
                                         a straight run, switchback arrange-
                                         ment, or wraparound layout in which
                                                                                         direction at landings. ADAAG rec-
                                                                                         ommends that landings measure at
                                                                                         least 5 ft. in each direction, or 5 ft.
    for accessibility                    the ramp hugs the building’s walls.
                                         In many cases, landscaping can be
                                                                                         by 6.5 ft. for a smooth U-turn. ●

                   By Huck DeVenzio      an important design element.                       Huck DeVenzio is manager of
                                            Ideal ramp specifications vary,              marketing communications at Arch
     he humble ramp, a utilitarian       depending on whether the wheel-                 Wood Protection. DeVenzio has

T    device classified as one of the
     six simple machines taught in
                                         chair is pushed or powered; whether
                                         crutches, walkers or other aids will
                                                                                         been involved with wood preserva-
                                                                                         tion since 1973. For more informa-
elementary school science classes, has   be used; and whether abilities are              tion visit wolmanizedwood.com.
become a common exterior feature         likely to change. The Americans with                RAMP/ACCESSIBILITY RESOURCES
of many buildings. At private homes,     Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines           • ADA Accessibility Guidelines—access-board.gov
ramps can provide convenient access      recommend that ramps have clear                     • Center for Universal Design—design.ncsu.edu/cud/
for wheelchair-bound residents and       widths of at least 36 in. with no tilt              • The Home Ramp Project—mcil-mn.org

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