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     Pickup Power Trains
     Tips on selecting the right pickup
     for your business
     By Curt Bennink

       If you drive a lot of miles and trailer loads are less than 6,000 lbs., you may
       want to calculate the owning and operating cost of a hybrid.

                e always say you should job                    • operating environmental condi-              Diesel engines are

      W         rate your truck,” says Joe
                Veltri, director of Dodge
                                                                 tions (on-road vs. off-road or con-
                                                                 struction sites);
                                                                                                            still the workhorses
                                                                                                            of the 3/4-ton truck
                                                                                                            market, offering the
     Trucks, Chrysler. “Make sure you                          • and desired options (some options          best fuel efficiency
     know exactly what you use the truck                         offered only on specific power                while under load.
     for, not just on average, but all of the                    train combinations).
     time.”                                                                                                 It’s also vital to understand          getting any extra if you don’t have an
          Based on your application, there                   Sizing up gas engine alternatives         exactly how much your truck and its         extra towing package on it. You have
     are several points to consider when                         Picking the right engine for          engine can tow.                             already basically maxed out the chas-
     choosing the best power train for                       your 1/2-ton pickup involves                   “Even if you have a big trailer,       sis and cooling.”
     your pickup. According to Dennis                        balancing capability against fuel         choosing the biggest engine isn’t                First, you need to determine what
     Slevin, F-150 vehicle engineering                       economy and price, says Joel              necessarily what you need to do,”           you actually tow. “Sometimes people
     manager, Ford, they include:                            Fukumoto, Toyota Truck product            says Carl Hillenbrand, Silverado            guess what their trailer weighs,” says
       • base cost of the power train                        manager. “The first priority should       product manager, General Motors.            Hillenbrand. He advises taking it to
         (engine/transmission combina-                       be capability. [There is no point] in     “The towing ratings vary by models,         a scale to weigh it. “From there, we
         tion);                                              choosing a lower-priced engine that       by engines and by 2WD and 4WD.              have our towing charts. Try to figure
       • duty cycle (light payloads or tow-                  saves on fuel, but can’t do what you      On some models between the 5.3-             out what combination fits best. [You]
         ing vs. heavier payloads or towing);                need it to do,” he says.                  liter and a 6-liter, you basically aren’t   are probably better off with an engine

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that is as small as possible but can still   fuel to go the same distance,” says                      ship by the number of miles driven to
get the job done well.”                      Fukumoto.                                                determine if a diesel makes sense.
     Don’t assume small displacement                                                                       “If you go back to point of
engines are always more fuel-efficient       1/2-ton hybrid pros and cons                             purchase, a diesel engine in a 3/4-
than their larger counterparts. “For              “On the surface, many folks look                    ton truck is a $7,000 option,” says
example, GM’s 5.3-liter V-8 engine           at the fuel economy label and assume                     Veltri. Typically, you 
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