Remodeling from the Inside Out by ProQuest


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         from the Inside Out
         How a well-designed pool can unify new spaces while functioning in several capacities from
         the aesthetic to the recreational
         By Pa t r i c k L . O ’ To o l e

                                                                     The original
     FAST FACTS ABOUT                                                home, its
     THE COMPANY:                                                    gable in view
                                                                     at right, is
     ■ Location: Fredricksberg, Texas
                                                                     the core from
     ■ Type of project: Whole house remod-                           which the
       el and addition                                               entire indoor
                                                                     and outdoor
     ■ Square footage before:                                        program
       Approximately 1,500                                           emanates.
     ■ Square footage after: Approximately
     ■ Architect: Jon Pankratz, AIA,
       Fredricksberg, Texas
     ■ Builder/remodeler: Ricky Durst,
       Durst Homes Inc.
     ■ Outdoor designer/builder: D-CRAIN
       Design & Build, Austin, Texas. Team
       led by Dylan Robertson and Heather
     ■ Tile consultant: Rahnee Gladwin, R.
       Gladwin I. Design Inc., Kerrville, Texas.

22       May 2009        QR   w w w. q u a l i f i e d r e m o d e l e r. c o m
                                       hether you are standing in the mas-      there is this progression of spaces out from the    green hot tub is one area where Childs was
                           W           ter suite, the screen porch or sitting
                                       in the dining area of the home’s
                                                                                house. And because it is long and narrow, it
                                                                                draws your line of sight out from the house
                                                                                                                                    able to accomplish this difficult task.
                                                                                                                                         “He is very integral to making these
                           great room, in very short order your gaze will       into the open space — the pastureland and           projects come off the way they should,” says
                           be drawn to it: A long rectilinear pool extends      the trees. It is an architectural outdoor area.”    Pankratz.
                           outward from the protected cove of the newly                                                                  Another set of important but unseen fac-
                           remodeled home seemingly to the horizon —            Attending to the details                            tors into the success of the tile setting is the
                           quite a feat for a pool that is only 13 feet wide         Designed and built by D-CRAIN (for-            firmness of the substrate and the quality of
                           and 55 feet long.                                    merly Big Red Sun), the pool also gained a          the “thinset” that is used to affix the tiles to
                                In the courtyard, the pool is very shallow      great deal of visual interest from the home’s       the substrate. In this case the pool and deck
                           and is anchored by potted plants. The shal-          owner Victoria Brown. A clothes designer,           were made of concrete so the substrate was
                           lows can be crossed by traversing a series of        she teamed up with Rahnee Gladwin, a tile           suitably firm. With glass tiles a special thinset
                           square concrete lily pads. But a fe
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