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									Incentives                                              Green Products
Pennsylvania to Fund                                    NAHB Seal of Approval
Sustainability                                              The NAHB Research Center
     Pennsylvania’s $25 million High                    recently introduced the “Green
Performance Building program will                       Approved” product seal of approv-
provide grants and loans to families                    al, a program by which manu-
and businesses constructing or reno-                    facturers can provide third-party
vating buildings that meet standards                    evidence that their green products
that measure a building’s overall                       meet the criteria for recognition in
sustainability.                                         homes certified to the American
     Funds are available to anyone                      National Standards Institute’s
building or renovating a primary                        National Green Building
residence and to businesses with 100                    Standard.
or fewer full-time employees.                               These reports — available from
     Loans up to $100,000 are                           a link on the new standard scoring
available for residential projects                      tool at — are
and up to $2 million for small                          designed to facilitate the selection
businesses. Grants are not to                           and specification of products as
exceed $500,000, or 10 percent,                         well as the approval of possible
of total eligible costs, whichever                      points by verifiers who have been
is less. Applicants may apply for a                     accredited by the NAHB Research
grant or a loan, but not both.                          Center.

Kitchen Cabinets NKBA
St. Charles Expands                                     Alliance with
Network                                                 ServiceMagic
    St. Charles Cabinetry has             
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