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"I have learned that eating foods high in nutrients can be delicious and satisfying. Spicy hot vegetable soup has been a heart-warmer through the cold, gray days of winter, and has kept my body full of the antioxidants. I have learned that I can push through when the going gets tough by eating to nourish my body rather than for fun or diversion. My body seems to crave the workouts every day. I have donated the old jeans I was wearing and pulled out a smaller size from my closet that now fits perfectly. Throwing out those old now baggy jeans was like letting go of emotional weight I had been carrying. My blood pressure has fallen and I can once again sit 'criss-cross applesauce' on the floor with my first-grade students." She adds, The biggest challenge for me has been learning that it is okay to put myself first in the end, I am not letting everyone else down, but becoming someone who has more to offer those wonderful people." Becky has set new goals for the next year as well. "As I continue to lose 40 more pounds by the fall, I plan to train for My Old Kentucky Home 50mile Bicycle Tour in September and future tour in Ireland.""I can't believe how much progress I've made in 4 months! [Sandy Pike], with Home Cuisine, not only provided me with healthy meals, but also showed me what a satisfying portion really was! I loved all her food and couldn't have done it without her." Exercising was always a struggle for Kim, but she learned new lessons at the gym as well. "With [Jennifer Harris]'s help at the YMCA, I know that hard work pays off and that I can push myself to get the results I need." Kim says, "This has been a life- altering experience for me. I know I couldn't have made this much progress without all the support of my family and the readers of Today's Woman magazine. Many would say- 'Hey, I saw you in that magazine, keep up the good work!' I still have more weight to lose and am certain I can do it now that I am on a new life path.""When I started this incredib

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