Manners 101 = Common Courtesy by ProQuest


Another disturbing trend I've noticed lately at various meetings is people talking at the same time as the speaker. I don't know if this is just a Louisville thing, but it's becoming more and more annoying, not to mention uncouth. My first experience was several years ago at a Greater Louisville Inc. annual meeting which was attended by over 1,200 of Louisville's business leaders. The roar from the talking was so loud throughout the presentations that none of the speakers, other than the governor, could be heard. Yes, these were business leaders - those setting the standards for the rest of us. Since then, I've been to a number of other business functions where the same 'talk-over' has occurred. When someone is at the podium speaking, it's our clue to shut up, out of respect for not only the speaker and organization he/she represents, but for yourself as well.

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